Origami Manatee

Origami Manatee

How to make an origami manatee Instructions in English. Video instructions to make a manatee in origami Start with a square piece of paper. Put the colored side on top. Fold and unfold the two diagonals. Turn the model to the other side, and rotate by 45 degrees. Fold the top right and the bottom right towards the horizontal axis. Fold the left tip slightly towards the right. Unfold the two right flaps. Fold the top left and the bottom left towards the horizontal axis. Slightly open the two folds on the left and fold again the two folds on the right. Flatten the folds towards the left. Turn the model to the other side. Fold the bottom of the model over the top of the model. Fold the tail. Start the fold in the middle of the right top side, and fold so that it touches the tip of the flap. Unfold the tail and open the model. Invert the tail fold at the bottom and fold again the top fold. Fold the model in two again. Fold the right tip towards the left, slightly upwards. Unfold the fold you just made and open the flap. Invert the fold of the tip and fold it inside the model. The tip is on one side and the model is not completely symmetric. Fold the flipper (fin) towards the right. Turn the model to the other side and fold the other flipper. Make two small folds inside for the snout, and flatten the tail. Your manatee is ready to swim and graze plants from the bottom of the sea! Don’t leave your manatee alone, and fold a whole family of manatees! 🙂
You can also make the tail point towards the top instead of the bottom. I hope you like this model and this video! Please share and like the video. 🙂 And comment if you liked it! Thank you!

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  1. What do you think of this origami manatee? Please send me a picture if you fold it! 🙂 Thank you!

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