Origami Magic Rose Cube

Origami Magic Rose Cube

Hello and welcome to our magic rose cube video So the “magic rose cube” is a cube
that transforms into a rose, believe it or not and back to a cube in just a few seconds so you should have made these three units, pink
units for the petals based on the instructions on our website and now we’re gonna assemble them together
like this so the first two pieces we’ll fit together with the flap of one going into the pocket of the
other; so we’ll slide this in like this… then we’ll repeat that move with the third piece just as we’re showing here get that in nice and tight and now the flap of the third piece needs to go into the first piece and it’s going to be tucked all the way
and so that we get one-half of a cube, that’s three faces of a cube.
This flap that I’m pointing out has to be tucked all the way in this could be a little bit tricky so you want to take your time here push that in you may need to loosen up the first two joints a
little bit to make this work just gradually work that in there don’t rush this, otherwise you might rip the paper just kind of gently massage that in there and now you have one-half of a cube what we do now is to take the other three pieces which will form the leaves of the rose and we assemble those into the other
half of the cube, so this flap is going to go into this
pocket like we’re showing here and i’ll repeat that with the third piece so this slides in just like that and now this other flap on the third
piece needs to go into the first piece to make the other half of the cube. And that flap will go on the inside so again this can be a little bit tricky don’t rush this, just kind of work it
inside very gently just like that so now you have the other half of the cube this half being green so of course now we need to assemble
these two halves so what we want to do is have them
opposite each other so these three pockets, green pockets, will
have the three pink flaps inserted into them so we need to orient these two with corners opposite each other and as you bring the pink and green
together, you want all of the flaps the three pink and three green, to be on the outside of the cube just like this now this first pink flap is going to go inside the green pocket that piece will be all the way in, so it will take a little effort to work in we’ll go slowly so stick that in there and gently work it in and around the corner Now repeat that for the other two pink
flaps this one goes in here now the third and last pink flap again take your time, no need to rush this work it together gently Now we need to get the three green flaps inside the pink pockets, so just roll those over a little bit, and stick them in there like that and now one more that one isn’t going, so… let’s take it out and try again make sure it’s all snug and now you have your cube At this point you may be saying “Great I
have a cube but there’s no way that becomes a rose” Well to make it a rose, you pick the cube up and make sure the that point, the pink point, points
towards you and you go to the first face, the pink face and just hold the two edges and pull gently
like that then go to the next face hold the two edges, pull gently actually it’s more of a gentle squeeze on the edges alright and then next you will fold out those pink, no those green pieces the ones that you tucked in in the last step when making the cube and there you have it, a rose! that took all of five seconds, maybe ten seconds And now to make it back into a cube you just reverse the process. So first you
tuck in the green leaves then just push gently on each of the pink faces with two fingers and it should collapse nice and flat and Voila! You’re back to having a cube. That’s your magic rose cube. Enjoy!

67 thoughts on “Origami Magic Rose Cube

  1. I was trying to think of of some good ideas on what to make for my mom for her birthday Saturday. I found this and I just love it. Thank you! I know my mom will really enjoy it. 🙂

  2. this was dificult and i had to modify it a bit to make it work with regular computer paper, but i think it looks amazing

  3. I made with 10 squares and it became giant, I tried the cute size(5 cm) and it was a bit trick, but I got it. Thanks.

  4. This magical rose cube was a treat. It did pose some challenge. Met with several reread and refold. Glad for your site.

  5. This took me one rainy afternoon, but finally I got it! It's great fun, I'll teach it my friends! Thanks for sharing this with us non-geniuses! You website ist awesome as well btw!!

  6. I absolutely love all of your guys' stuff! Your tutorials are so comprehensive and honestly amazing! My first 'magic' rose is a bit rough around the edges, but hopefully its sister fauna to come, will improve significantly

  7. Finally finished it, From 8:50 to 10:40 I finished it, I used normal paper and had to color it so that's why it took so long.

  8. What a rip off I searched in google and it didn't say you needed 3 of them:(
    but Thanks 4 saying that you need 3 of them:) PS L.O.L <3

  9. Hey, very very great origami! I gave it my mother as present for her birthday and she really likes it!

    But the part where you put the three pink things together was really difficult!

    Thx for this cool figur 😀

    I really ask myself how you get on such a complicated idea!

  10. I almost went insane doing this, I would've given up trying to tuck in the third unit but then I went like "NO! I DIDN'T WASTE MY TIME PAINTING THAT WHITE PAPER RED AND GREEN FOR NOTHING" This origami's really quite the troll

  11. i had problems putting together the green parts. somehow i did it the wrong way and then the red part didn't fit 😀 it's a bit too short in the video to see, at least in my opinion. maybe that's the problem other people have…
    but apart from that everything worked well and it's amazing that you can turn a box into a rose! thanks for the instructions! 🙂

  12. This was a lot of fun! It wasn't too fiddly like the Kawasaki rose which I gave up on. I think the rose turned out a bit weird looking but it was still impressive.

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