Origami Magic Ball (Kade Chan) – Part 2

Origami Magic Ball (Kade Chan) – Part 2

Hello! Today we will be folding an Origami Magic Ball designed by Kade Chan. This is one of the most well-known
origami models on YouTube, and in this video I will teach you how to fold this
model with great detail. Now we’re going to divide them once more. So let’s start by taking this top edge and folding it down to this top crease.
So we’re just dividing one segment now. Make a nice crease. Make sure everything lines up and then
you can unfold. And again just do the same thing on the bottom. So take this
edge and fold it up to the bottom-most crease. And unfold. So now we should have about
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 divisions. And the two on the edges will be smaller
and the two in the center will be bigger. So we have to divide the two in the
center to make them equal. So let’s start by taking this edge and
folding it over to this crease. Make a crease. Again just make sure
everything lines up and then unfold. And now there’s one more segment that we
have to divide. So let’s take this bottom edge and fold
it to the second crease. So this one right here, so just pull that up, align it nicely, and make a crease. And then unfold. And now we have completed our horizontal and vertical divisions. Now we’re going to create the diagonal creases for the Magic Ball. So
let’s start with this top right corner. And what we have to do is take it, and
we’re going to notice all these vertical creases, and we’re going to keep them in
mind. So let’s fold this over and let’s stop
the crease at the side of the first vertical crease. So it should just be a
very, very, very, tiny little flap that you just folded over. And now what you’re
going to do is unfold that and then you’re going to continue to the next
vertical crease. So you’re just going to pull it up, and
you should notice that it it will intersect with two creases. So you just make a crease there, and then
you go one further, and it will line up with only one crease this time. Go another further. It’ll intersect with
two creases this time. And then you just continue on until you have done this all
the way through the Magic Ball. Now once for this far, you can’t really
continue any further doing the same method that we’ve been doing. So what we have to do is start to align this edge here, so this vertical edge going up and
down. And you’re just going to align it with the vertical creases as you go. So we’re just going to pull this
vertical edge over a bit, and it should start to sort of pull down too, so
it’ll go left a bit and it’ll go down. So to do
this, we’re just going to pull it down and left a tiny bit. And then this edge
will start to line up with the next vertical crease. And as soon as it does
that we’re just going to align that and make
a crease all the way up, all the way up the side. And then you just continue
doing that again and again and again. So you’re just going to take this edge, pull
it left and down a tiny bit, and as soon as it lines up, then we just make a
crease again. And you continue to do that until you get to the end over here. Once we’ve reached this point, you can
unfold the model so that you can see the diagonal creases that we just made. It’ll
look like this and you’ll notice that there’s a triangle over on this side
that does not have any diagonal creases in it. So to fill this in with diagonal creases, we’re just going to do the same thing
that we did over here. So we’re just going to fold up that corner a tiny bit
to align with the vertical crease. And you’re just going to keep going and
going and going until you hit that crease that’s over here. Once you have completed making all of
your diagonal creases this way, we’re going to make perpendicular diagonal
creases going this way. So we’re just going to complete that
same process that we did to make this, but we’re just going to do it this way. So we’re going to start at the top left
corner and we’re going to go down to the bottom right corner. Now what we’re going to do is locate
these vertical creases, and we’re going to alternate between them. And we’re
going to make half of them valley folds and half of the mountain folds. So it will
turn out looking like a fan pattern and sort of like a zigzag. So let’s start by making the first
one a valley fold and the next one a mountain fold, and then you can just keep
doing that same process all the way down until you reach the end of the model. Once you’ve done that you can stretch out the model a bit so that the creases
aren’t so strong. And now we’re going to start collapsing along the other creases.

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  1. my hand are dead now,there is too too too too tooo tooo tooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many folds and crease!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^-^

  2. this is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo easy what are all yal talking about you have to have paitence


  4. Yea kinda chucked my paper into the fire pit and lit it on fire with my dad lighter … Trying again anyway 😀 … To probably fail again

  5. Yeah well i failed once and i started crying 🙁 because I spent a load of time doing all those little rectangles so i just wrote this comment and didn't watch the extremely hard and I mean very hard origami so all i do is a origami heart by this dude and a box off by heart so I'm not doing origami off youtube again!!!!!!!!!
    Not fair!

  6. Well, try different models BEFIRE you try this. Why can't you see it says in the description that it is HIGH INTERMEDIATE. Well, I think YOU, Sir, are the "STUPIDEST AND MOST RETARDED PERSON EVER". Good day.

  7. This is the worst origami I have ever seen. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<LOOK<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    Your camera suck's
    You go super slow
    You make me go insane

  8. Whoever made this must have been really bored.😂 this must have taken a looooooong time to fold and figure out what to do cuz if u mess up, ur dead.

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