Origami Live   Ask the team – Is origami an art or craft?

Origami Live Ask the team – Is origami an art or craft?

It’s a craft. and definitely an art It’s a craft… It has to come under the art… I think it is more of a craft. Defiantly an art, and the process as well. I probably would need a definition of both phrases really. Its an art. think it’s a craft. It starts as a craft. It takes a lot of craft t o do things correctly and neatly so the effect is good, but
you need the art idea… It is probably a mixture of each of one another you know certainly some of the very advanced stuff my Eric Joisel and Robert Lang are certainly an art form or whatever… and and yet the simpler stuff is a craft form which is good for… people of all ages. the peace your and where your If it’s your own work that you have created, designed yourself then it… has to come under the art… When I first striated out it was more of a craft… as everything had fixed location points fixed location a problem it was the
Commission I would probably need a definition of both phrases really to answer that. It is difficult to say what is art. Oh I think it’s quite easy. errr… I think you actually follow diagrams… then it is… a craft if you chomp with something new it is an art. you know craft props the World Cup perhaps the word craft is seen as something inferior to an art, but I don’t know. I think its both. think it’s both I think its what the people do afterwards with all the shaping – and putting parts of themselves in -that is the art. both – its defiantly and a art and the process as well is an art form. er, but origami is art and a bit more… its sculpture… yes and a bit more… defiantly an art because individual peoples… interpretation of a subject… it can be classic reproduction of an image… it can also be like cartoon caricature abstract, geometric, other things. Then I guess if you are just following diagrams things that other people have designed, then you could argue it is a bit of craft but I would argue it sis bit of both really. not one thing or the other. and then as actual location points became more free it was open to the interpretation
of the person who was folding it so I think it became more of an art then I mean I could fold a piece of paper look like an elephant someone
follow my instructions and end up with er.. well lets say something which didn’t
quite fit the bill and its its meditation as well and that
More you can’t define origami down to one thing and the finish process can be an art form or a craft depends upon your outlook. Its also a craft because and it can be reproduced in bulk as an artwork and its using paper=material is available and a craft is almost like more accessible than possibly art is because its something
anybody can try their hand at. Depends upon your definition some stuff is just pure craft and nothing else and some stuff is pure art, but there is not much of that. I would like to see a lot more pure art. in origami – personally. and I try in my own small way to produce
such things mostly failing The only other thing I would say about art, and Eric Joisel taught us this in a way… is that it only becomes art in the general publics view if there is money attached to it. and the problem with origami is that it will not last forever not like a sculpture or a bronze or a watercolour even if not looked after well origami will deteriorate unless you put loads of lacker over it – which spoils it but I like to think that if we’ve actually come up with something new then that is the art. so it can be both things.

4 thoughts on “Origami Live Ask the team – Is origami an art or craft?

  1. I'll have to say that for me it is both – but I can't think of any craft that can't also be art, or of any art, that doesn't also require craft.
    In the end, you can fold paper, learn how to fold it, execute. That makes it a craft. And, actually, I'm happy with being a "crafter" in that sense.
    But then you can put yourself into it, making it unique – perhaps by designing a model, or simply interpreting someone else's model, using specific paper, shaping it, varying it.
    Nick was reluctant to answer, as people have different definitions of craft and art. This may be an overly simplistic view, but to me craft is the skill itself, knowing how to fold; and art is making it your own, adding something to it, namely: yourself.

  2. Nice video! Go on with this format – it is interesting to hear what various folders, artists and other origami-loving or at least -related people think of such fundamental questions.

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