Origami Little Roses (Kusudama) (Maria Sinayskaya)

Origami Little Roses (Kusudama) (Maria Sinayskaya)

In this model we´ll use 30 units Fold in half horizontally and vertically, pinch the center and unfold Fold the bottom-right corner up Fold the top-left corner down Flip over Mark the center Fold the flap aligned with the center mark as shown Repeat on the opposite side Fold in half and unfold One unit finished, To make the Little Roses Kusudama we need 30 units. 30 Units Insert the flap of one unit into the pocket of another unit This is one tip, keep building more tips You always have five tips To match the 30 pieces pay attention to the video. To each “pocket” there must be a corresponding “end/edge”. To make the petals pull out the first layer and curl as shown Re-insert the flap Repeat this process over the whole model Little Roses Kusudama Done!

28 thoughts on “Origami Little Roses (Kusudama) (Maria Sinayskaya)

  1. the video has been up for less than 12 minutes and it already has a dislike?! LOL Someone out there is jealous.

  2. Nossa você faz para corta 30 papéis do mesmo tamanho??? Você mede 1 por 1 até dar a quantidade, ou tem um jeito mais fácil?

  3. I am working on the origami jump right now, but I will make sure to do this one too. 🙂

  4. This is a really cool model, and your tutorials have a lot of video and educational quality, I am incredibly impressed

  5. I done doing this and it look cool…. but mine is blue colour :p… i have video but cant send link….

  6. hey Axens I'm still waiting on a video for a rose
    Anyways I love your videos keep up the good work Ican see what you doing a lot better than the video with the the omega star keep it up girl 🙂

  7. You really need a stiffer paper for this. I was going great guns until I started to put it together and then because my paper is too soft it just kep falling apart. Lovely video, great instructions.

  8. Could you tell me the type of paper you used please? I have tried with soft paper and almost card weightpaper, but the model falls apart too easily even once completed.
    The paper you are using for demo looks very strong but elastic – could you tell me the manufacturer please? Beautiful design by the way and fairly easy too.

  9. Think am gonna use a little double sided sticky tape – hate cheating – but after all the time and effort putting together then falls apart too easily!

  10. Great tutorial!!! Thnx for sharing and taking the time to show the assembling in such successful way..
    Look forward to many more tutorials..

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