Origami: Little Owl (Riccardo Foschi) – Instructions in English (BR)

Origami: Little Owl (Riccardo Foschi) – Instructions in English (BR)

hi everyone welcome to a new origami tutorial in this video we’ll make a little owl this organ was designed by ricardo folce it’s not so hard to do but needs a little attention I’ll show how to make the best way I can we just need one square of paper size you prefer I hope you can understand my English and let’s go in this video I’ll use 20 by 20 centimetres I recommend color on both sides in our first step is to fold in half diagonally unfold and repeat the opposite unfold again rotate in this position and fold the bottom corner to the center like this also the upper coordinate exactly the same thing unfold both first in this one leave this line in this order on the middle and fold strongly unfold and repeat on the other right now rotate the paper in this position and repeat the same step we have something like this turn over and fold this line here to the middle then the other using the same logic we use it before but now in this side and unfold rotate and repeat okay now I’ll leave attention first turn over fold all the paper you have using this line and the right corner we need to fold back using this line here this vertical by reference here we have this little square we’ll fold in half with a diagonal like this and fold strongly unfold now in the left side these left flap folding half the little square again strongly and unfold we have these two diamonds here now we need to fold the bottom corner until this horizontal until here just for to create a crease and unfold now the bottom corner until the same crease folds up now a little attention again we have this true line is close to the middle here this first using it fold the right side back them in the solder line here folds up and close the paper we have something like this now in the other side just reinforce decreases defaults okay now we’ll use the diamonds first this one with the finger behind pushes center and fold the middle line like a mountain like this close this side just a little repeat on the other and fold the paper in half like that reinforce the creases again now the next step on the bottom edge we have these two little squares here fold in half diagonally like this half of the Daisy to the middle also the other side and we have these creases using it open the paper here and fold these corners inside reversing like that and close the paper reinforce the folds now the next step turn over open the paper like that and in this position fold this bottom corner this flap unto this line here maintaining the creases align it just watch what I do and repeat now this line to the base you you and this other flap here folds down connecting the lines as before maintaining align it and folding these line here like this we have our base now turn over fold these two tips up in the bottom corner we have this diamond we need to fold just a little more than half like this creating this line then open a little and fold this side using the same line by reference right now a little attention again open the paper here maintaining these two layers on the middle down in the right corner bring into this corner here for just a little and using this little crease create a diagonal em to this corner as I said just watch I do and repeat and unfold repeat on the other side close the paper again now edite Lin the head fold two new diagonals like the letter V something like this connecting the corners to the middle now the wings first the right open the paper into these two diagonals here close this side like a mountain fold any smash the front of doing creating this effect here this detail then just repeat on the other side you we have the beginning of the wings fold back in this point in this vertical line the order as well and fold forward with a mild inclination something like this for a better result we can fold this corner here just a little bit unfold and fold inside using the semi crease by reference now the other you now the next step with the finger open the origami like that until the head careful of course and in this letter V fold your diagonal line is as a mountain fold and we have this detail he also can leave the body more circular like that okay now in the base of the wings fold like a cure like this just is mesh the paper a little and here as well making this detail fold back this tip here and rotate a little also the other create a curve in the feet and with this done or literal it’s ready congratulations to all who are able to do this I made this other one this red with a sturdy paper I think the results better but is a little hard to do but that’s it I really hope you enjoyed this video if yes don’t forget to click on like button also subscribe to my channel and follow new origamis all week thank you very much for watching and until the next time

76 thoughts on “Origami: Little Owl (Riccardo Foschi) – Instructions in English (BR)

  1. thank you! i did it for my mum who is fond of owl. Your English is very good. I'm french and understand almost all you said!! (but it's prehaps because of me! lol)

  2. Thank you, nice design and well explained. And you do not need to excuse your english which is excellent. 🙂

  3. Poxa cara, fui ver seu vídeo e comecei achar engraçado seu sotaque, are u from Brazil? o/ ta nice!

  4. Just a suggestion: next time can you tell us which side of the paper to start with if we're using one sided because I am and my owl ended up being white instead of brown XD

  5. I did it, the only problem was my owl legs it endead up just how you made it but it didn't stick really bend enough to stir on my finger.Could you give me advice on how to make it perfect please? Oh and btw your vids r amazing TQ

  6. I thought it was supposed to be easy because it’s says easy owl in the title what a huge lie you literally folded the paper I million time it’s stupid to make up lies so much for making and “EASY” owl

  7. Great design.
    I personally feel it is suited for eagle. By far it looks like one of the best base for eagle origami.


  9. This is not easy for a beginner, but your instructions are wonderfully clear, and I can always see what you are doing. Thank you for this video 🙂

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