Origami Lion -Tutorial

Origami Lion -Tutorial

This is Leyla Torres of OrigamiSpirit.com In this video you’ll learn how to make an origami lion. This video is dedicated to Joan Mcmichael. Thank you to Joan and to all contributors for your support. It helps us continue creating the best possible content. To make a lion about we need a square paper This is 7 x 7 inches (18 x 18 cm) It has different color on each side. In this case the white will be for the body and the orange will be for the mane. We begin with the color of the body facing up. Rotate so the corners are up and down. Fold in half. Rotate so the folded edge is up. Bring this edge to match the folded edge. Flip the paper and repeat, bringing the left side to the folded edge. When we unfold, we have the kite base. Flip it to this side. We’ll make a fold along here, parallel to the center. Bring this corner to the to the central crease. The corner will match the intersection behind. It can be seen against the light. Bring the upper corner to meet the lower. Unfold. Turn it over. Rotate. We have these two points at the end of the creases. They’ll come up and meet the points at the beginning. This aligns. Unfold all the way. We have a crease along here. We will bring this edge to meet that crease, and create a crease at the center here. Only from this point out to the edge. Repeat here. Fold back to the kite base. Rotate. We make a fold from this point to this edge. Parallel to this. The corner will meet the edge. Repeat here. Rotate the paper to this position. Fold along this short crease. Raise this flap. Press here. Hold there and refold this section. As we flatten, a new fold is created here. Repeat here. Fold along the existing creases. Turn it to this side. Fold along the center. Rotate so the shorter edge is up. Hold here. We’ll use this fold as a hinge. Insert the fingers here. As we fold, we bring the flap up. Press and squash. This should be vertical, and match with the crease on the back. Make a pinch-mark at the center, Bringing the upper corner to the lower corner. Bring the upper corner to the pinch-mark . Notice the heart shape. Make a vertical fold starting at this corner. Bring this flap back to the right. This distance should be about the same as this distance. Turn it over. Make a fold connecting these two corners. Bring the slanted edge to match the central crease. Swing this flap to the right. Bring the slanted edge to match the central crease. Bring the flap back to the left. Make a fold along this edge. Make a vertical fold along here. This distance should be shorter than what we have on the front. Fold along here. Let the flap come up. Mountain fold along here. It’s parallel to the upper edge of the body. It touches the top point of a small white triangle. Turn it over. We’ll make a tuft at the end of the tail. Make a fold along here. The edge aligns with itself. Insert our fingernail. Press flat. We can leave it like this, just curling the tail. We can narrow the tail. I’ll show how to do that. We can suggest ears. To stand it up, we separate these two layers. Visit our related blog post. You can read it both in English and Spanish.

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  1. Thank you very much for sharing nice videos explaining very clearly in Spanish and English interesting origami models. And many thanks to the designers who agree to share their creations with us.

  2. nice…. and cute lion…. when come your new vedio leyla..??? i am waiting for your new vedio????♡♡♡♡

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