Origami Lily Flower (Designed by Henry Phạm)

Origami Lily Flower (Designed by Henry Phạm)

Good afternoon! You are on the channel “Origami Cat. Today we will make such a paper lily. Please note, a flower leaf painted by half. This design has developed a master origami lilies Henry Pham. These lilies look great in a bouquet. If you make a few of these roses, you can make a bouquet. Take paper 15×15 cm (flower will be the same size as mine). Fold sheet diagonally (from corner to corner). Uncover, turn the page. Make another such crease. Turn sheet. Fold the paper in half. Rotate and fold in half again. Fold the opposite corners to the center. Fold exactly – is the basis of beautiful origami. Turn the figure. Fold the opposite corners to the center. Since both sides should have the same. Fold the base form “double triangle” (in the planned lines). Fold layer left. Put your finger into the corner, expand and splyusnite. Do the same with the other corners. Who for the first time on this channel, please subscribe. After the subscription, click on the bell. He is next to the “Subscribed”. So you always know about my new video. Try to do everything exactly. This is the basis of beautiful origami flower. Raise the bottom corner to the top. Spread the folds as shown in the video. Fold the left and right pockets. Fold upper corner downwards. Turn the figure. Repeat the same procedure with the remaining layers. Who turns this place into origami, put your finger up (Like). Origami – a Japanese art of paper folding. Design develops thinking, patience, thoroughness, perseverance. Begin to learn origami with simple models. Check that you should get this figure. Choose your side – a diamond, where one half is white. Fold the upper right side of the rhombus to the midline. Fold the top left side to the middle line of the rhombus. Good smooth out wrinkles. Turn the figure. There is a rhombus with a white half. Fold the top side of a rhombus to the midline. Swipe paper layers. Find a diamond and fold again. Same with the other side. Check that you should have as well. Turn figure sharp point downwards. Peel back the top corners to the sides. Every corner – flower petal. Take a pencil and screw the flower leaves. Origami Lily ready! And you end up with a flower made of paper? Write a comment. We admire the flowers ready. Lilies of the paper are beautiful! Loved origami video, put your finger up, subscribe and comment. Thanks for watching the video. ORIGAMI CAT.

13 thoughts on “Origami Lily Flower (Designed by Henry Phạm)

  1. Очень-очень понравилось! Вы супер! Так круто! Заходите в гости,будем дружить)

  2. Awesome! Do continue what you're doing because you're great in this Please check my channel and if you like it maybe subscribe!

  3. The lily flower is very beautiful.
    Using the pencil to curl the petals, at the end of the video, adds a nice final, artistic effect to the flower. Nice work.
    I wish you a wonderful new day!

  4. Пальчик вверх!!! Удачи в развитии канала! Все заходите в гости ответим Взаимностью!!!

  5. Красивая музыка отлично сделаные цветы. 14 !

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