Origami Letter ‘A’

Origami Letter ‘A’

15cm x 7.5cm
(half of a square) Fold in half and unfold Divide each part in half Divide each part in half Fold in half and make a pinch Fold the bottom to the pinch mark and make another pinch Fold the top to the last pinch mark and make another pinch Fold the bottom to the last pinch mark and unfold Fold the top to the crease you just made Pleat
(start with a valley fold) Open a little Valley-fold on existing crease Valley-fold Unfold and remake this shape with reverse folds Fold the excess of paper
Note the reference point Arrange the layers Letter ‘A’ finished!

99 thoughts on “Origami Letter ‘A’

  1. Thanks for these videos, the design is amazing! I would like to use these alphabets for a stop motion video for a project. Please let me know how to contact you for more details and consent?


  2. Una cosa sabes que un amigo mio se esta pasando por ti porque me ha dicho que busque ese nombré pero sus manos no son de el porque es un niño i tu no esres un niño creo no se bueno solo te lo digo

  3. Quite tricky, my A looks a bit drunk, but I still really love the finished model! I want to fold more for practice though the only thing I might be able to write with so many a's would be "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" LOL And it is a nice gift for a friend also! ^_____^b

  4. Just tried it for 30 mind then realised i should of used a different size paper. You could of said at the start of the video.

  5. je narive pas a comprendre sa menerve /                                                                      o o                                                                        ^

  6. Hi good night! Could you tell me the size of this rectangle with which you are doing this letter origami?

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