Origami Kusudama Flower

Origami Kusudama Flower

Hello, and Welcome to our Origami Kusudama Flower video. So this is a flower that’s made from five (5) units To make the first unit take a square of origami paper color side down we’ll make a valley fold along the diagonal, as we’re showing here. Make sure you crease this well. Now we’ll take each of the bottom corners in turn and fold to the top corner as we’re showing here. Now repeat that with the other corner. Next we’re going to take this line here
and fold it onto this other line just like this. Repeat that on the other side. Now once you’ve done that we’re going to unfold this flap and fold out this piece to make a squash fold as we’re showing here. Squash that flat. Then crease it. Now we’re going to repeat that on the other side. Once you’re happy with those squash folds we’ll fold down this top corner as we’re showing here Fold it back on itself and repeat that on the other side. Okay now we’re going to fold this piece over on itself. We’ll repeat that on the other side. Now we need to glue these two (2) pieces
together to form one of the modular sections of the
flower and you can use various types of glue to do this. We’re going to use Glue Dots which are just little pieces of adhesive on a backing and so we’ll put three (3) glue dots on each of the flaps here Just put the adhesive side down Rub the paper with your fingernail. The peel away the backing, leaving the adhesive stuck to the paper. And as i said you could use pretty much any type of glue, white glue or yellow glue even double-stick tape would work. We’re just gonna put down a couple more
of these. When you’re happy that you have enough glue in place then you bring the two (2) flaps together
like this. Line them up carefully press them together. It helps if you stick your fingers inside the piece and apply some pressure to make the glue stick. And then just arrange these inside pieces like this symmetrical, more or less. Now you’re going to make five (5) of these and we’re going to glue these together with rubber cement. Again, other types of glue would work, this
is convenient and we happen to have some, so we’ll use that. We’re just going to put a thin layer at the top edge of the piece. About half a centimeter to a centimeter wide. You let that dry for several minutes. We want to do that for all five (5) pieces. Then start assembling them. Start with the first two (2). Just line up the edges like this press them together Sticky your fingers inside to help Apply some pressure. Looks good, so we will apply the third piece. Once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty easy. The fourth piece. The fifth and last piece is a little trickier. You want to kind of spread out the gap
between the first and the fourth pieces like that Make enough room for that fifth piece to go in. The apply some pressure as we did before, to make the glue stick. And there you have it, your Origami Kusudama Flower. Enjoy!

100 thoughts on “Origami Kusudama Flower

  1. i made it. it looks beutiful. my mom agreed with me. i dont care if we have to use glue. i have mine on my desk at home.

  2. Me encanto, a pesar que no entiendo nada de lo que has dicho por qué no sé muy bien el inglés , con solo verte haciéndolo lo he entendido 😁

  3. So many origami experts in the YouTube comments 😂 Good video man! Going to make a bouquet of these for this girl that I like!

  4. Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper without glue or adhesive. Kusudama is the Japanese art of arranging these pieces together to traditionally form a ball called…a Kusudama ball. He has given you the instructions for one portion of the ball. So in essence, it is both Origami and Kusudama. Stop complaining and do the exercise and say thank you instead.

  5. Some people are never satisfied! So you use a little glue, so what! It's paper folding at it's best and most beautiful. Lovely video. Thank you so much.

  6. The original kusudama was traditionally made with very thin threads instead of glue. That was the traditional origami. Using the modern material, glue, this is still origami, made with a non-traditional method, since the basic method is the same, but there is a small modification, changing threads with glue. At the same time, since the whole of the kusudama (flower ball) is made of smaller flowers, which are also made of smaller petals (which petals' how-to is shown in this video), this is so-called modular origami, which is still origami. Before posting things 'this is not origami', please read more about it…

  7. spent twenty minutes doing one only to find out i needed 4 more and glue.. not what i wanted to do 👎🏽

  8. Infuriating. Surprise! You're going to need four times the paper and a bunch of adhesives. It's origiami in the same way that a block of wood is a Lego: no.

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