Origami Key to Love (Francis Ow)

Origami Key to Love (Francis Ow)

This is Leyla Torres of OrigamiSpirit.com In this video you will learn how to make this origami Key of Love. This video is dedicated to Patricia Demharter. Thank you to Pat and to all contributing members for your support. It helps us continue creating the best possible content. To make this key we need a strip of paper one unit by 8 units. This is 2 inches, multiplied by 8=16 inches. To make a key this small, I took a 6×6-inch square (15x15cm) Folded it in half… …one quarter… …one eight and I used that piece of paper. It’s better to practice first with a bigger piece of paper. We need paper with different color on each side. We begin with the color of the key facing up. Fold in half. Unfold. Bring the right and left edges to the center. Bring the folded edges to the center. Unfold. Turn these mountain folds into valley folds. This is the central crease. We will make a horizontal fold from that crease out to the left edge. Now we fold here, from the second crease out to the right. We leave this section unmarked. It will be the section of the heart. We focus our attention on that area of the heart. This will be the center. We will fold along that line. One, two, three… the third one. We bring the folded edge to the first crease. Unfold. We bring that folded edge to the crease we just made. Unfold. Reinforce them all as valley folds. Turn this over. This is the section of the heart. Make a fold starting at the second vertical parallel to the lower edge. We bring that edge to the center. Repeat with the upper edge. This is the section of the heart. This is the center. From the center, out to the left we will make the same horizontal crease. We can make it section by section. Bring the upper edge also to the CENTER . To facilitate it, we can rotate and fold away from us. From the center out. We rotate again to place the area of the heart to the right of the center. Now we work on this area. It will be the bit of the key. We mountain-fold along the center, just that section. This is the raw edge. Begin a fold a little to the left of this edge. That distance determines the height of the bit. About there. Begin there and make a diagonal fold up to the center. This edge is parallel to this edge. Turn it over. The folded edge is now at the bottom. This is the previous fold. The point where it touches the center is the beginning of the next fold. We bring the lower edge up. The same distance here as here. We have a zigzag fold. We reinforce it as mountain on the color side. Fold the right edge over to the first vertical crease. For this section of the demonstration I use a larger piece of paper. Here we are going to pre-fold. Fold this section in half. Press here at the center… and bring each one of these sides up. This is what we should have. I repeat with our full piece of paper. We unfold that for the moment, leaving the edge folded. This is the area of the heart. We are going to rotate. This is the beginning of the area of the heart. Turn it over. We will fold right along that crease. We will make a fold starting at this central point, up to the left edge. The lower left edge aligns with the vertical center. Unfold. Now we will fold along this vertical center. Pressing from the left and pushing this behind. Fold along this crease. As we fold, we have this pocket here… We squash. Valley-fold the flap down. As we do that, at the back we get this pocket. Press from the right and flatten it. At this point we will re-shape the bit of the key. We have a point here. It will be our guideline. Bring the paper up at that point. Press so we have this. Then we press these two to the back. We position this area to the right. This is the center of the paper. Bring the left flap over to the right, folding at the center. Rotate and we are going to repeat some folds here. The process is very similar. Rotate. We will be working on this area, which will be the bow of the key. We have an existing fold here. Our next fold begins at the bottom of that fold. Bring the paper up so that this edge is aligning with the crease. To make the next crease we visualize this distance. We copy it here. Bring our eyes down… and that will be the beginning of that fold. All these folds will be 45º angles. Look at this edge. Below it we make an imaginary line. and that will be the beginning of our next fold. From there to the edge. When we bring this up and place it above, there is a little section that overlaps, and that’s what we want. The next fold will go along here. We’ll make a fold about here. As we fold we visualize it at the center. This distance is the same as this. All these are pre-folds. We unfold. Rotate. Outside-reverse fold. Inside-reverse the next diagonal. Find and reverse all those short diagonal creases. Fold the corners along the edge. First to the outside, then to the inside. Insert it as shown. We will finish the area of the heart. This is the central crease. Mountain-fold the creases next to it. Valley-fold the side creases. Form a pleat. Turn both flaps to the left. Make a fold starting at this corner, and finishing here. First, fold the upper right section. The upper edge matches the side edge. Press from the first flap. Hold from the upper section and crease the lower left section. We leave this raised for the moment, Take the upper flap and fold in the lower corner. Then we crease from the center up to this point. Hold here at the right. Press both flaps to the right. The fold will be created inside there. Make a fold from this corner to this corner. Fold this corner up. We will make a fold here, but underneath this upper layer. We only take one flap to the left. Blunt these corners. Turn it over. Diagrams for the Key of love can be found in this book: The Beauty of Origami.

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  1. impresionante,Leyla sos una grande voy a practicar la llave y me va a salir,Muchas Gracias 💖🔐

  2. I like the key to love so much ! But now I can't hear your voice , I don't know what's happened.
    Maybe it's my computer's problem. Anyway, thanks for sharing 🙂 Have a nice day !!

  3. lindo!!!!
    obrigada vídeo
    gosto muito dos seus trabalhos
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