Origami Kawasaki Rose Version 2

Origami Kawasaki Rose Version 2

Hello, and Welcome to our Origami Kawasaki
Rose, version 2 video. So this is just another version of the Kawasaki Rose. We’ll start with a square of origami paper, color side up. Make a valley fold along the east-west line as we’re showing here. Then fold the bottom edge of the paper upwards about one centimeter, and again
crease well. Now unfold the last fold. We’re going to fold the right edge of the paper across to the left as we’re showing here. Next we’re gonna fold just this corner
upwards to that last crease line like this. Now unfold that, and flip the paper over. Next we’re going to fold this left edge over to the right, it will just be the width of that corner. So fold that over and crease well. Then unfold. Now we’re going to unfold the entire paper and we’re going to take this line, this mountain fold and fold it up and to the left, to this
valley fold here. Just like we’re showing here. Fold it across like that then crease only the lower part of the paper, from the center to the edge. Then unfold that and rotate the paper ninety degrees. We’re gonna repeat the same thing.
This fold here’s gonna go across to this fold.
And we’re gonna do that two more times. Next we’re going to recrease these
north-south and east-west folds to make sure that they are
moutain folds.
And now for this small square right at the center of the paper we’re going to recrease these folds so
that they are also mountain folds So go around the square. One edge like that, then rotate the paper, do the next edge. Then the third edge. And then the final edge. Your paper should look something like
this. What we’re going to do is mountain fold along the east-west line. As we’re doing
that we’re going to push in the center of the paper. The little square should collapse nicely
like this. We will fold this flap across to the right. Next we’re going to fold this flap on the left
side down as we’re showing here. Then flip the paper over. We’re going
to valley fold the top layer so that we now have a square. So we’re back to having a square after all that work and ultimately what
we want is a cylinder, because a rose has kind of a cylindrical shape. So the question is how to go from the square to the cylinder.
So that’s the next step and probably the trickiest.
So first flip the paper over. We’re going to take these creases, these four (4) creases we made earlier, we’re going to refold them as mountain folds So crease all the way along the line like this Now rotate the paper and do that three
more times. Great! Now flip the paper over. It’s not that flat anymore, so we’re starting to get to where we want to be.
Each of these four (4) edges that we’re pointing here will form the top edge of the rose. So these need to be folded into a circle. You can’t do it all at once, go in steps. First we’ll fold it over onto the edge right next to it. Repeat the same thing on the opposite side of
the paper. And here you’re not trying to be perfect, we’re just pre-creasing the paper making it a little
softer. Then unfold and rotate the paper ninety degrees and do the same thing for the other two (2) edges. So this edge will fold onto its neighbor.
Do the same on the opposite side of the paper. It will not look perfect, that’s fine we’re just trying to soften up the paper. Let that unfold, and we’re ready to fold this into a cylinder. So first you take one edge fold onto its neighbor now fold those two (2) edges together, and fold them onto the third edge.
You may have to adjust the cylinder as you’re going here. It’s starting to look like a cylinder. We still need to curl those three onto the fourth edge. Put it into your
fingers like this those three (3) layers, then curl the fourth one in. Just like that. That’s kind-of a tricky move, let’s look at
it in close-up. Take an edge, fold it onto its neighbor. Hold those two (2) together, fold them onto the third edge.
Put those three (3) in your fingers, and roll the whole thing into a cylinder. Now the inside back of this will be a
little messy, so get in there with a finger and flatten out these pieces, crease them to make sure the
cylinder stays together. At this point you can start tweaking the top as well. You’ll notice that we’re always holding the
cylinder, so it doesn’t uncurl. Not bad. Alright… that was the hard part; let’s proceed with finishing the rose. What we’re gonna do for each of the four (4) edges is fold it up; we’ll start with this one We’re not going to fold it all the way up, maybe only a centimeter. You may need to get inside with your other fingers to complete the fold. Now fold the piece next to it;
ultimately these pieces will overlap that’s how the cylinder will stay locked. Just fold up the next flap by the same amount. We’re gonna tuck the flap we just made into the pocket formed by the first flap. Smooth out the bottom edge as we’re going. Now for the third flap then the fourth flap. The flap of the the fourth piece goes into the pocket
formed by the first. You tuck that in. Work the bottom so that it’s circular. Gradually push that flap in. If one pops out, pop it back inside, like that. Okay. Now what we’re going to do is curl the petals. Start with the lower row of petals. Curl this guy down like this Take your time here, you don’t want to tear the paper. Move onto its neighbor Keep going until you’ve done all of the lower petals. Now we’ll do the upper petals. Coil them over your with your fingers. You can use a bamboo skewer or something
like that to help you. And once that’s done, you’re all done.
There you have it! Your Origami Kawasaki Rose version 2.

19 thoughts on “Origami Kawasaki Rose Version 2

  1. Sehr einfache und wunderschöne Rose. Würde sagen für Anfänger bis Fortgeschrittene schon gut machbar.

    Very easy and sooo beautiful!

  2. I have to say, once you get to the curling part, these instructions are as clear as mud. I can't tell what is going on, it's even more difficult in the photo instructions, see the case of How to Draw The Tick. I'm definitely no novice. I'm sorry for sounding angry, I'm just frustrated.

  3. I've tried this tutorial so many times the past few years, each time I try, all I get is tears of frustration.

  4. "Fold the bottom up about one centimetre" Can you rephrase that for people who may be using different sizes of paper? I estimate that if you make a crease halfway, and then fold with the top halfway to that crease you will get the result pictured. I.e. fold up the bottom 1/6 of the rectangle.

  5. I have tried other instruction video, and I always have to redo one more time after completing one rose. But I only have to fold once following your instruction. Thanks! I think this version is easi

  6. Terrible explanation of how to do the cylinder part. You need to slow down and maybe I would draw markings into the specific areas you're folding for that part because this tutorial is more frustrating than it's worth.

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