Origami Kangaroo (Jo Nakashima)

Origami Kangaroo (Jo Nakashima)

Fold and unfold along the diagonals Turn over Fold in half and make a small crease Bring the top left corner to the crease you just made Valley-fold Valley-fold the right corner Valley-fold Unfold Fold the corner to the indicated crease Valley-fold Valley-fold the right corner Valley-fold Unfold Turn over Rabbit-ear fold the left and right sides Turn over Rabbit-ear-fold the left and right sides Fold the top point down Unfold Fold the two flaps down Turn over Start the new crease halfway between the two existing creases Fold the right side symmetrically Turn over Fold the top point down to the crease you just made Fold the point to the right Release the trapped paper Fold the point to the left Release the trapped paper Fold the model in half Crimp-fold Valley-fold the edge to the indicated point Valley-fold Reverse-fold Repeat on the other side Valley-fold the tail as shown Unfold Reverse-fold Fold the edges to hide the white area and narrow the tail Valley-fold and tuck it behind the leg Repeat on the other side Fold the edge inside Repeat on the other side Fold and unfold the flap Fold and unfold along the angle bisector Crimp-fold Fold the point Repeat on the other side Valley-fold where indicated
The head will not lie flat Repeat on the other side to flatten the model Valley-fold Valley-fold Fold the ears Reverse-fold the point Reverse-fold the feet Narrow the legs Reverse-fold the tail Reverse-fold again Fold the corners inside Shape the arms Kangaroo finished!

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  2. Your tutorials are pretty damn good! I liked and subscribed 😉 Maybe check me out! I do the same type of videos!

  3. You are stupid and silly!!!! Your video is bad!!!! 💩💩💩💩I can't do your origami!!!!😠😠😠😤😤😤😤😡😡😡

  4. Hello Jo, just for future designs could you make the very small parts a little easier to see? During this tutorial the head folding was unclear, but overall a fine roo.

  5. After what feels like 20k tries I finally make it! But for all those who gave up don't worry there's candy,cookies,cakes, and sushi in the comments where all the messed up kangaroos jump around

  6. 아 씨발 이 개새끼야 이거 존나 어렵네 너 한번만 더 그러면 더 심한 욕쓴다 이 씨발새끼야

  7. I normally like Jo Nakashima vids, but this was just hard to follow. His hands were 90% of the screen space and the origami paper was 10%. The text instructions were also wildly unclear, especially around the head. Very disappointed and strong dislike.

  8. If u think this video is going a bit too fast or too slow there is a setting in the top right corner where u can change the speed, I hope this helps!
    There is also a pic at the right hand corner, just look at it when ur stuck
    If u find it too hard, don’t give up, u never get things done when u give up (obviously)
    If it’s a bit time consuming than just keep preserving, Do it in ur spare time, when ur bored, sad, tired but don’t wanna go sleep or just whenever, Do it When u have the time
    Getting frustrated won’t help either, it will just tear ur paper apart and tear u apart
    Don’t think, I’m too young too Do this, I’m too dumb to do this, this is way too hard or any other negative thing, cuz like I said, getting angry won’t help, it will make it worse, ur just gonna get more rips in ur origami, think positive, be calm, the paper will be easier to handle and more harder to rip, even if u do find ur One is ripping then just try to be more gentle, this guys making the vid hadn’t ripped his paper and guess what? He might be older than u, he might be stronger, yet he is still being gentle
    Another thing, don’t say, only old people do this or any harmful thing
    Take ur time, practice as many times as u want to, I bet this guy has practiced a lot, so that means u can too 😉

  9. It’s to confusing at 13:19 and beyond you really should do a commentary! It would reallly help! But for now ima have to say these aren’t very helpful in learning how to make origami animals

  10. How many steps of folding does this origami has? Not counting the first ones that only mark the paper
    Thank you

  11. 日本人います?後2019年みてる人ー🙋‍♂️

    Translate : Is there any Japanese? Is there people stills watching this video 2019?

  12. The ''head part'' is killing me xD sometimes it's a bit unclear what to do when folding the head even with the image in the corner. But other than that, great tutorial!

  13. FRUSTRATING!!!!!! Head part was totally unclear, ur finger is too big lol. Too difficult for being a Kangaroo 😤😤😤😤😤😤

  14. Pretty crap tutorial tbh. Your fat sweaty hands cover 90% of the screen. I can't even see what the heck you're doing.

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