Origami: Kangaroo (Jo Nakashima) – Instructions in English (BR)

Origami: Kangaroo (Jo Nakashima) – Instructions in English (BR)

hi everyone welcome to a new origami tutorial in this video we’ll make a kangaroo this origami is intermediate I’ll show how to make the easiest way I can we just need one square of paper I recommend the size 20 by 20 or 30 by 30 centimeters but it can vary I hope you can understand my English and let’s go in this video I’ll use 20 by 20 centimeters if you only one side this collar I’d start with the collar up in our first step is to fold in half diagonally unfold and repeat on the opposite okay now we need to fold the horizontal line here on the right side to this first leave the bottom edge to the upper and fold here if this mark leave this corner to this line reading a new diagonal until the bottom corner now this line here to the edge right now the same logic on the other side bring this edge here disorder Aldi half then unfold both rotate the paper and repeat the last step now bring this corner here to this line and just repeat all the rest ends like this with this done in this corner here fold this line up like a mountain fold and using these two diagonals here close the paper until the center you fold this wrapper and repeat on the other corner here rotate the paper in this position and in these tip on the Left we need to fold the vertical line connecting these two points here like this unfold fold to the right these two flaps here we have this space between these two lines here we need to fold a little line a little crease the middle just by reference turn over and using the same mark will create a new diagonal almost until these result all here just fold this tip down using the bottom layer by reference and unfold just watch what I do and repeat them the other side we have something like the letter V here turn over again we need to fold this chip we have until this letter V here bring this point until here in this step a little attention fold this diagonal wedge here to the upper edge first to the right fold strongly and pull the bottom layer out like this fold this chip to the left and repeat in this side that will be the head okay now using the letter V and this other line on the left side fold both at the same time and close the paper like this now here on the head fold this edge here to this line creating a new diagonal crease unfold and using it open the paper and fold inside like this just watch Rado and repeat again now here folds down this little color them and this edge here to the right closing the paper like this turn over and repeat on the other side now to the next step we need to fold this flap almost in half in this line something like this we need to leave the parallel edges I think then repeat on the other side in this little diagonal edge here fold to the other folding this tip in half live in thinner and unfold open and fold inside using the same crease and just repeat on the other okay in this other corner here fold something like this a little diagonal just by reference then open and fold squadron ringside open again and fold inside also this edge here this layer until the end of the leg thank you so much just if necessary and close out and something like this turn over and repeat this step in this side here right now we’ll make the details of the neck and head first create a new diagonal starting this point to disorder like this until the end of the head you something like this fold strongly and repeat on the other side okay now today year’s first fold this edge here this other folding this layer in half the same thing on the other and we have two years here now fold this chip in half and inside we have the head you also can fold the ears like this in my opinion is a best result okay now the tail fold these edge here almost touching the leg fold strongly unfold and using the same crease create a reverse fold folding the tail down okay now we need to make the tail thinner rotate in this position for this edge here to the other fold strongly here leave this layer up and feet over the leg watch and repeat open here just a little and put inside now the other exactly the same thing now the last details first the legs fold forward unfold and reverse the same thing on the other if you want fold these little corner here leaving it straight like this I think is a best result but is not necessary right repeat the same thing on the other reverse the tail like this until defeat reverse again live in this trade and Rozonda and these little corners here you can fold inside Hyden like this and in the arms just press the paper like this is meshing and creating a cure repeat on the other and our kangaroo is finish it I hope you enjoyed the video I try to explain as best I could I make this others here with the others paper in color but that’s it again I hope you enjoyed if he has don’t forget to click on like button give me comments to improve my English also subscribe to my channel and follow Neri gummies all week thank you very much for watching and until the next time you

14 thoughts on “Origami: Kangaroo (Jo Nakashima) – Instructions in English (BR)

  1. Your English is perfect!
    And I liked very much this kangaroo!! Thanks!

  2. This tutorial is much easier to follow than the one you have with a white background. Thank you for this version.

  3. I know u tried ur best to explain considering english is nit ur native language u did a good job but *SOME FOLDS JUST DONT WORK, I ENDED WITH AN ARMLESS RAT WITH SEVERAL BRUISES*..u can tell its Jo Nakashima..its complicated man..

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