Origami jumping Frog

Origami jumping Frog

Hello dear friends of the folded sheet today we’ll learn how to fold a traditionall frog it’s very easy to do you just need an ordinary sheet of paper that is a square I use 15cmX15cm origami paper a recangluar sheet double as long as wide will also work and the best thing about it: it jumps you just put the finger on the back of the frog push it down and pull back the finger it’s the very first model I ever folded so I think it is really easy and nice to do it got me started with origami and to start yourself you just need to fold it in half if you have a dual color sheet your color needs to be outside after this step make sure that it’s nice and neat so we’re folding a green frog we continue by folding the sheet in half thus marking the middle because now we gonna fold the diangonal that means we fold this raw edge align with the crease we just created and also in the other direction you can also see it in the diagramms in the right hand corner and if you wnat to download them and print them and use them for whatever you want just click on the diagram or use the link in the descriptionbox and now we repeat thos etwo steps on the other side and we fold a second X or cross in total we get an rectangle double as long as wide with to X’s and a line in the middle this twirly arrow means we turn it our frog model and now we fold creases right through the X’s by folding in half the two sqaures you can see we align the edge from outisde with the crease in the middle and fold pretty simple actually now we have two X’s and three straight lines we turn it around again and push the middle now what we do ist to create a waterbombbase that is by bringing together the two outisde points and pushing it together like this and we do it on the other side too if that was too quick – just rewind the video and look at it again the diagram shows it really nicely where the white circles are those points are moved to the centre and then the white arrow means we push that is simply what we do that is allready the hardest part, if you have done that we will be able to do the whole frog for sure I zoomed in a little so you can see better and what we do knwo is we… we fold the four tips of the for legs we have on this jumping table thingie oh, let’s see… the focus is not right yeah… that’s better and we fold the tip to the corner like this then we fold the angle-biscector we fold the edge towards the outer edge and on the other side too you cna see it really well on the diagram and also on the other hand now we get four legs for the frog for a four legged frog we fold tip to tip and then the anglebisector so the edge that is a little white right now towards the outside here like this we turn it over agian and we get a “jumping table” we fold diangonally like this so the feet are at the bottom and the top and we make the body of the frog by folding diangonally a kite shape in the square we used to have now we fold the bottom down the back or can you say ass? I hope it’s allright and her eand there that is the part where you can’t go any further down because you will rip paper and tha tis how far we gone down so this is your orientation and what we can do now we cna open this pockets here and and put in the corners that is optional I just think it look nicer you can just have the thre folds as it is but I think that looks nice turn it over once more then fold the frog in half and fold the lower half in half again here goes the last crease of the whole modell this is a little hard to do because a lot of layers of paper are on top of each other this is the spring with which the frog can jump so put down your finger an – pull! that’s it I hope you enjoyed this little froggy if so, please subscribe so you get a notification whenever I upload something new or you can visit my website tavinsorigmai.com where there’s diagrams and lot’s of more instructions on a lot of different models and of course last pu not least you can follow me on googleplus I hope you enjoyed yourself- see you next time -bye,bye!

83 thoughts on “Origami jumping Frog

  1. Love this frog, it's one of the most popular ones I make:). I've taught it to many folk (mostly children). I have found though that if you use note cube paper, the frog will jump 6-12 feet.

  2. Best tut ever!!! The other origami jumping frog required an index card. But thank god I found you. You just got a new sub!

  3. thanks very good vedio because it help me very much it help me to do the hardest think.Now can you make a vedio on origami bird

  4. thank you , not both my daughter and my mother are wanting to learn as well , and thank you for the diagrams as well 🙂

  5. I'm not going out with you this week or so many years later lol it's a use app for the iPhone app app but I yet have the best

  6. Useful. Clearly you're very proficient. A humble suggestion is It'd be helpful if you didn't keep flipping the papers orientation around ( probably since you know what you're doing by heart. )

    If it's always lined up with the diagram we can figure out what's going on. For now, it's a bit dizzying as the paper is constantly being rotated 90 degrees for every fold.

  7. Warning: This paper frog is awesome and is the real how-to make a origami frog out there. + DO NOT use thick paper bc it won't jump. Use thin paper MUCH better 🙂

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