Origami: jumping frog

Origami: jumping frog

because it was requested I will the model now to you we start with folding it in half instead of beginning with a sqaure you can also skip the first step and use a sheet that is doulbe as long as wide (2:1) or use a sqaure and fold it in half in the beginning now fold a little sqaure just pinch it to mark the half then diangonally on both sides repeat that so we get 2 crosses now we have crosses, as you can see turn around and fold like this again on the other side now the hard part pinch these two points we will bring the 2 points here and these here too like this and like that and and make it flat and you can see 4 flaps now take one of the flaps so and fold it to the edge the same on the other side now that’s done we will fold here we will bring this edge to that one and the same repeat with the other 3 flaps because they are the legs of the frog now we have a jumoing table take those 2 corners and bring them to the middle line this way and that way take the back of the frog and fold forward as far as these pices of paper allow now you have 2 pockets here and there and put the corners inside the pockets repeat on the other side flaten it fold the frog in half and also there done, that is the frog! and the best thing… …push here, it jumps!

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  1. i can do this no problem. but here are some tips, first, take your time and really explain how to do it. second, dont go too fast, just pace yourself. hope u make more vids!

  2. it was my first model ever but I didn't find anything tuff ,I think a beginner can also do this because it is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo easy!
    if you want you can try the magic ball but I don't think so you will be able to do that but I can do because it's difficulty is super high intermediate

  3. nice jumping frog…my kids liked it very much…they had "frog races" and try jumping the frog into the cup…. tiny frog seem to jump high and far….anyway thanks for sharing

  4. A long time ago at my school somone created one of these for everyone in the school for summer break I loved it and everyone was playing with them.. good memory

  5. Am going to do it for my kids, they are going to play jumping frog like tom sawyer instead of sitting in front of the t.v this afternoon thank you I like this croak croak….,,,,

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