Origami Jedi Master Yoda (Fumiaki Kawahata) – Star Wars

Origami Jedi Master Yoda (Fumiaki Kawahata) – Star Wars

20cm x 20cm Fold and unfold along the diagonals Fold the edges to the crease and unfold Valley-fold vertically and unfold
Note the reference points Fold the top corner down Mountain-fold in half Valley-fold Valley-fold at angle bisector Squash-fold Fold and unfold the corners Petal-fold Unfold everything except the top triangle Fold the top edge down to the horizontal crease Bring the top corner down Fold and unfold the corners to the reference points Fold and unfold the corners to the reference points Fold and unfold the side corners to the corner on the middle. Crease only where indicated Fold the bottom corner up
Note the reference points Valley-fold and unfold
Note the reference points Fold the top corner down
Note the reference points Make a rabbit ear fold Fold and unfold Squash-fold Mountain-fold the corner behind Crimp-fold using the existing creases Fold as shown on the existing creases Squash-fold Petal-fold Bring the point up while folding on the existing creases as shown Bring the right corner to the top Release the trapped paper Repeat on the left side Fold a corner to the right Fold at angle bisectors Bring the corner to the top again while folding at the creases you just made Bring the edge to the center and swivel-fold Fold the point down Bring the corner to the left side Bring the corner up while making a pleat Fold and unfold Fold and unfold Reverse-fold Reverse-fold and line up the edges as shown Reverse-fold to the left Reverse-fold bringing the point up Fold the corner down Reverse-fold twice each corner to make the fingers Fold to the reference point while folding the edge to the center Fold it up Bring the top of the vertical crease to the right
The model will not lie flat The existing creases will be aligned
Fold the flap down and flatten the model Fold two points down Reverse-fold the points to the sides Fold the corners inside Fold the top down Fold the corner down
(there are no reference points) Fold a layer down to make the eyes Fold the point up
(there are no reference points) Fold the edge a little to make the mouth Mountain-fold the corners Fold the tip to make the nose Fold the little corners if you can Make a rabbit ear fold Outside reverse-fold to make the staff Valley-fold Fold as shown to make the robe Mountain-fold the bottom to make the base Shape the ears Push the top of the head Yoda finished! Optionally you can change the color of the staff or point it up as a lightsaber

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  1. I used white paper on my first try because I thought it would just be practice. But I actually finished it. Using white paper. I hate my life.

  2. WOW^^~
    YODA (♡♡)/^^=÷♡♡..''."^^.",".🎈
    GOOD VIDEO 👍👍🎈♥🌹

  3. I did it on my second try of new paper it was good but i should have paint it green and brown on both sides but I had to take a break a few times but I am glad I did it so cool

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  5. My son is reading the Origami Yoda book, so this is a really fun and entertaining way to connect with him and to both share our love of Star Wars! It's awesome to have people out there like you who knows how to do these creative works of art! Thank you for sharing and keep it up! I plan to see more!

  6. A4 Paper 20x20cm and 15x15cm

  7. Make a better video on this you must.

    Unclear folds you did very

    Edit: wait wait wait I eventually got it right. But not after banging my desk 967667665555&656544654655 times.

  8. Attention all Origama Yoda Readers. Dwight is in trouble and needs YOUR help to defeat Harvey and Darth Paper. He's gonna need an army of Origami Yodas, and a vinyl record of "The Twist" by Chubby Checker. To help him, just send him your credit card number, the expiration month and year, and the four digits on the back.

  9. I used to make these for my friends in school all the time when the book came out. So much that I was even able to memorize the instructions and just make one whenever I wanted. My favorite one to do was the Fortune Wookie

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