How to make the origami Jacob’s Ladder Kraft Paper (7 sheets)
Half of A4 size (A4 or letter size can be used) Divide one sheet into 16 strips Discard the last one
We need only 15 strips Use this sheet to divide the other
5 sheets into thirds easily Divide all the other sheets the same way Repeat on the other sheets Leave a small gap
between the units (about 3mm) Origami Jacob’s Ladder finished!

100 thoughts on “ORIGAMI JACOB’S LADDER (Yami Yamauchi)

  1. i still remember making the same model 2 or 3 years ago, very nostalgic jo, thank you for bringing back old memories 🙂

  2. o/ I live in FRANCE ! I think that the origami songbird would deserve a remake, no ? And this model is very very very very very cool !

  3. o/ I live inaustralia this is like the billionth time i have entered xD. I feel like the martini glass needs a remoake, i have always wanted to fold that. Maybe same with the ant by robert lang coz i couldnt see some of the steps clearly, same with the treasure box by robyn glyn even tho i folded both of them (nto the best tho :/). Hope i win and stay original! 😀 <3

  4. o/ India, The devil dragon deserves remake as it is very cool but at the same time very complicated! I love your work and the steps are pretty simple to follow.

  5. o/ I live in the U.S.A. I'd like to see a remake of the origami scaled fish video with instructions. It wasn't a tutorial video originally but it's really cool!
    Edit Actually just found your tutorial vid lol. I must've missed it when it first came out named as just 'Origami Fish' and not 'Scaled Fish' lol. Still would be a cool remake!

  6. o/ I'd like to see a complex version of an elephant. Since my friend likes elephants a lot, I'd like to gift her that.

  7. wow I remember making this years ago from your original tutorial when I was like 8 or 9 (If I remember correctly it didn't work out haha) . That's absolutely crazy to think that was 7 years ago

  8. Works nice but when inserting the strips, let it be very loose. I made mine tight and it didnt turn out to work very smoothly

  9. This is so cool! It works like the classic Jacob's ladder and now one doesn't have to buy one, and I'm surprised it's so sturdy. Thanks Jo, you earned your like! 🙂

  10. I got frustrated in the beginning but after taking a small break I tried again and actually made it! Thank you Jo!!!

  11. Ya se que este video es viejo, pero ese es un juego que originalmente esta hecho de madera y liston, y es de México, se llama "tablitas magicas".

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