Origami is easy. Origami frog, kusudama, piano, ornament, envelope, tie, valentine

Origami is easy. Origami frog, kusudama, piano, ornament, envelope, tie, valentine

Good afternoon! You are on the channel “Origami cat”! This tie of paper is very similar to the present It does it quickly. I used Japanese paper with a pattern. Make a tie with me. In the description below the video, there is a link to the video tutorial. This frog with red eyes. It’s not my imagination. In fact, there are some red-eyed frog! We will do a frog. My second frog made of paper with an ornament, too funny looks. Make these frogs with me. Play with them in their spare time. Link to origami lesson in the description. This invented origami (Designer ILDIKÓ H. VASS). Look to the left and right sides of the heart has a muzzle dogs. Is the heart of dogs is very easy and simple. All simple folds. To work need pen to draw the nose and eyes. If you have a true friend, you can give him is origami. Link to the video tutorial in the description. This envelope of paper. The highlight of this envelope is that the clasp is the heart. I like envelopes with red hearts. See how open this envelope. This envelope origami master came up with Henry Pham. Inside it is possible to put a declaration of love. Be sure to make it. Link to origami lesson in the description. This is one of the necessary craft. She came up with (ILDIKÓ H. VASS). The finished picture frame you can give to any member of the family. To frame in harmony with a photo, choose a matching color. I pictured a lot of pink shades, so I chose the pink paper. Zest photo frame – heart. They are made very simply. In the video I show in detail how to make them. You must come out this origami. This piano can be made of paper of any color. The main thing is that one side of the paper was white. Then on a white background you draw key marker. I took a red and black piano. I think we can get a beautiful piano in a white paper. Try, experiment, the piano can be any color. At the end of the video, see a small concert. I’ll show you how to play this instrument) Link to a lesson in the description below the video. Friends, if you like the video, please put Like. Special thanks to you for your comments and for sharing videos with friends. Who is the channel for the first time, I invite you to subscribe to the feed! This Kusudama symbolizes heat, summer and sun. Roasted sun big cities. For its production, I chose yellow paper, and paper with a pattern. Kusudama made of modules. In the middle of some modules, I put in the yellow box. And in some – not. You can for his Kusudama use other colors. Be creative, try to trim color combinations and make their own unique Kusudama. This pattern I invented myself. He looks spectacular because there are two contrasting and bright colors – yellow and green. I think there are a lot of options with a combination of different colors that can be used. Ready patterns can decorate a diary or a box.

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    Your culture and language enchant me!
    When you have time, visit my channel !! Please!!
    Thanks! Success! Hugs.

  2. Привет! ОоооЧень Классно Супкрское видео!!!! С Меня лаЙк иПодпиСка!!! НадеюСь На взаИмноСть!!! УдЧи!!!


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