Origami Iris (Lily version 2)

Origami Iris (Lily version 2)

Hello and welcome to our Origami Iris video. The origami iris is really just the same as the Origami Lily. This is really just a different way of making that same flower; instead of starting with a water balloon base, we’re
starting with a square base with the open side up. We’ll first make a squash fold as we’re
showing here. Make sure you crease that nice and flat. Now flip the paper over and repeat that squash fold on the backside. We’ll do that two more times with this piece, so fold those flaps across, and again crease that well. We’re going to do that two more times with this piece, so again fold those flaps across. Then we’ll do two more squash folds. Then crease the whole piece nicely. Now fold the flaps over until the piece is symmetrical. Now we’ll fold in the two top edges, as we’re showing here. The fold the bottom point upwards, like this. Then unfold that, and unfold the top folds as well. Now we’ll take the top point and fold that downwards to the bottom point, and we’ll make a squash fold again as we do this. Now flip the piece over and do that on the backside. earns two more times more cuts across Now do that two more times. Not difficult, just takes a while. So now the piece should look like this. We’ll take the bottom points and fold them upwards. There are four (4). Now we’ll take the left and right edges and fold them into the center line Now flip the piece over, and do that three more times. Now hold the bottom of the piece, and start unfolding the petals of the iris. There are four of them; just unfold like this. It helps to curl each petal over your finger, or a pen or pencil. And there you have it. Your Origami Iris is complete. Enjoy!

13 thoughts on “Origami Iris (Lily version 2)

  1. I did it! Great tutorial with step by step directions. Some parts I did pause. I seem to have a little trouble with the squash fold and small tears at the bottom of the fold.
    I did make several cranes and a swan prior to attempting this flower and becoming familiar with the folds on the easier pieces such as crane and swan, did help in completing this flower successfully.
    Although mine isn't as pretty as yours 😉.

  2. That looked so hard but is looked very good when it done 😍🌷
    Don't forget to check my channel and subscribe to support

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