Origami Instructions: You Are Always In My Heart (Andrey Lukyanov)

Origami Instructions: You Are Always In My Heart (Andrey Lukyanov)

In this video I am going to show you In this video, I’m going to show you how to fold how to fold “You Are Always In My Heart” You Are Always In My Heart, designed by Andrey Lukyanov designed by Andrey Lukyanov. Diagrams can be found in the ebook for the 4th International Origami Internet Olympiad and also check out Andrey’s YouTube channel loveorigami and his website, loveorigami.info for more of his fantastic work. In this video, I’m going to use a square with a side length of 15 cm or 6 in And the completed model then has a width of 7.5 cm or 3 in a height of 6.5 cm or 2.5 in and it can be completely flattened, like this or you can leave it slightly three-dimensional with the inner heart popped up a little And then the model is about 1.5 cm or 1/2 in deep Now we’re going to start with the white side up if you want a white inner heart and a colored outer heart. First we’re going to fold edge to edge and crease Unfold Then flip over and rotate and again fold edge to edge Then we’re going to rotate this and take the top layer and fold it to the folded edge Unfold Flip over and repeat Now we’re going to unfold that first crease and bring the raw edge to the folded edge in a diagonal crease Unfold and repeat on the other side Unfold Now we’re going to take the edge and bring it to that crease line right here in just a pinch mark in the center because we want to find a reference That’s the pinch Then we’re going to take that edge and bring it to the pinch mark and pinch again and you can make this pinch mark a bit stronger Now we’re going to go along the 2 diagonal creases just push on the top and then let it collapse Like this and then we’re going to use that pinch mark that top one, seen in this perspective and go through all layers Then we can flip it over and bring the corner up onto that central crease to get a straight crease Make a strong crease Unfold And to strengthen the crease even further Also fold it in the other direction Unfold and then we’re going to make an open sink So we’re going to open all of these diagonal creases again and make mountain folds all along this square we prepared So I’m just pinching this into place by having those corners and the creases pop up Now we need valley folds on the diagonals I’m just pinching this in half here and there and when you have that prepared we’re just going to push it together like this and flatten Next we’re going to take one layer and fold it over and make a crease that goes through this corner and is horizontal, and it will meet with that crease line and that edge So I’m just lifting one layer and folding it up. I’m going to start in the corner right here so that I have nice precision and then extend it all the way And then push that paper up so that this folded edge aligns with that central crease line and make a new crease here Then we’re going to push this paper down so that this raw edge will align with that crease line or you know, this fold right here which you’re reversing is going to align with that folded edge down there. So inside it looks like this Then we’re going to rotate this and lift this up a little and bring that raw edge over to the folded edge and make a crease and we’re going to flip it back, and then push the paper inside along those creases to change the direction of the creases Just press on it once And then we can open this up completely Now press on this point so that it changes the direction it pops to the other side And then we’re going to take that paper and push it underneath Can you see right here? It goes in there and then flatten completely Now we’ve got one side done and we’re going to repeat it on the other side So first make that long horizontal crease that goes through this point and that point Then bring that folded edge to the center to make a diagonal crease Then bring that paper down and inside and you can invert that crease line this one to align it down here You see that? And then push it closed Then lift that layer up so that you can more easily bring that raw edge down to the folded edge Unfold And then make an inside reverse fold by just pushing in that paper And push to change the direction of the creases Then unfold again Press on this point And then push the paper inside Like that Now we’re going to form the inside heart So we’re going to take this folded edge crease it to the center and try to not have a large gap here And then we’re going to flip this over We’re going to make a crease through that point hiding that small section of paper And now we’re going to take this corner and that corner and each of them we’re going to fold inside And then that top section we’re also going to fold down a little And then fold back, and you have one half of the heart formed. And repeat on the other side Bring in that corner and the 2nd corner and that corner And then that tip also goes down to that obvious reference And press flat And then open back up Now we’re also going to form the larger heart Flip over and I actually like to take both points at the same time and then bring them together and they’re going to both land on that diagonal and meet in a point in the top Like that And then we’re going to again take that tip and fold it down And same on the other side You can also just fold one in and then the other if you prefer that But I find it’s harder to get it balanced so that’s why I prefer doing it at the same time but it doesn’t matter too much And then bring in that point And then You Are Always In My Heart designed by Andrey Lukyanov, is all done. Now if you want the model to be completely flat you can put it between 2 books overnight very heavy books or you can go over it with an iron on a very low heat and then it’s completely flat. But you might actually prefer it to be slightly three-dimensional with the smaller heart slightly popping up. Now that you know how to fold this model, how about you try out the Rose of Roses designed by Jordi Adell or check out the pendant Love with Strings Attached, designed by Francis Ow I’ve also got a playlist of more love-related models which you may enjoy. Subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss my next videos and finally, do check out my website www.happyfolding.com for more origami content. I hope to see you around, and happy folding!

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  1. i carry your heart with me(i carry it in
    my heart)i am never without it(anywhere
    i go you go,my dear;and whatever is done
    by only me is your doing,my darling)

  2. Thanks for your demonstration, the instruction are clear.^^ I try it and it is beautiful. The back of the heart can be a little pocket! 😛

  3. I Like this model! Long time ago, I'm also folded a Butterfly in Heart model by Andrey Lukyanov
    By The way, Try this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIbO-6Jp–k

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  5. Is it just me or is the video towards the end a little weird?

    Edit: Never mind. My phone skipped a little part.

  6. Hi! I'm not sure if you will reply here or not but I'm getting ridiculously obsessed. Andrey Lukyanov had this heart design with a cross in front. In fact, you featured it on your website. Would you happen to know where I can get a diagram for that particular heart? I'm not sure if he has it in any of his books? At this point, I'd be willing to buy it. That obsessed (sigh). The problem is, it was given as a gift to people who joined the Olympiad years back. Please help?

  7. Wow, I almost didn't make it 😀 I am not a beginner, but after each turning of the model I had to pause and check where I'm at. Totally worth it. This is the best gift for my mom who adores all kinds of hearts

  8. Hahahaha novatos, tan fácil como pausar el video en cada paso no mamen 😂🤣😂🤣

  9. Super Awesome Origami Heart in the Heart! best ever origami heart!!! impressive. easy to make. i made it n m very very happy

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