100 thoughts on “Origami Instructions: Rose of Roses (Jordi Adell)

  1. THE THINGS your explaining in simple terms are not simple steps . in this instance having a detailed conversation and backtracking a bit is in order . the very important creases after the square and all that . one explanation is not enough. you just keep going on like we've got it , but we are not there to stop you and ask questions . unhappyfolding thanks

  2. Я, блять, из-за тебя свою работу расхуярил, хуево объяснила, сукааааа. Суицид, бля устрою.

  3. Gorgeous! I'm gonna go watch some Studio Ghibli and make a bunch of beautiful roses with scrapbook paper. Thank you!

  4. Always makes me laugh in origami videos……actually ANY how to video, how the great kb warriors all wanna blame the presenter or their instructions for them not being able to do it…….get a clue morons, if you can't do it, PRACTICE until you can…..it's a SKILL, that you acquire by practice. You should be grateful that videos and folk like this lady that bother to TRY to teach you,
    exist. It's MUCH easier than trying to learn from diagrams like we had to back in the day 😉

  5. This Video is awesome! I got it on the first try! 🙂 And I usually only do handicrafts on cars xD Very well explained!

  6. When the dotted lines appear I was like "Wait, where did that I come from?"

    I gave up eventually at 6:11 :')

  7. Your voice, your instructions, and your sweet words are as beautiful as the rose you made, thank you x

  8. #myfirst (or at least one of the first 🙂 ). This is still one of my favourite folds to do when all I have with me is paper. It's tricky, but it's so beautiful when it works. I combine it with Tadashi Mori's calyx.

  9. Five stars sister 😊 !! Keep up the good work . I will try to make one for my mother 💝 a new subscriber here 👋😄

  10. Trying to de desseperatly make this tutorial to give the rose to the girl I like. After +20 try still does not made it haha

  11. Mine didn’t come out as pretty, but for a first try I think it came out fairly well. It resembles a rose and that’s good. For anyone wanting to make this but getting discouraged by all the frustrated comments, I think anyone with a bit of origami experience will do fine.

    Update: it’s been about a day and I’m trying again. One thing I’d recommend is when you’re shaping the rose with the pen, really try to open up the center quite a bit, it’ll look a lot better and it’s something she didn’t really point out.

  12. To those who are beginners: get a lot of patience and don't give up making it. I'm also beginner and I've made the rose and it's beautiful! :))

  13. Hello! I love it, congratulations…!! and after few attempts I finally was able to do it.. still not perfect. I have a question for you. I just bought "origami paper" from the brand "AITOH Origami Paper" but I notice that it is very thin and when you make the crease it brake the paper very easy. Could you let me know that paper that you use, please? I notice watching your video that the paper that you use looks more ticker and the color is more vibrant, smooth and silky and I love it. I will appreciate if you can share with me more info about the type of paper: brand, weight, etc. Thank you so much and congratulations on your talent.

  14. Wow, thanks for this tutorial! It's similar to a Kawasaki, but without all of the prefolding, haha. I was able to fold it in under 10 minutes.

  15. I learned origami from youtube servel years, I have always seen a beautiful origami in youtube, but I have had never success to make one.

  16. Perfecttttt!! I made a prototype and have determined this model is the one! I have been looking for just the right type of rose to fold that isn't too hard or complicated but still achieves a more natural look over the boxy counterparts.
    Thank you Sara! Im going to fold many out of moonlight sonata's sheet music and add a yellow rose to the middle of the finished paper bouquet! A perfect graduation gift for the girl i like 🙂

  17. This is a great tutorial! I really loved how mine turned out, although it did take a few tries. This is definitely a model for an intermediate folder, but beautiful nonetheless

  18. Thanks, got something very correct on the first try following your instruction and what you did!!!!!
    It's really nice how you took the time to demonstrate what to do, and the oral explanation help as well 😀
    (took me an hour though, I need to train XD)

    edit: just finished the 4th!! made it in 20 minutes!!! really amazingly simple efficient design!!!

  19. Okay, I did this on the first try. I've never folded more than paper boats before. Yay!
    But god the locking was hard, so to everyone struggling: make sure to REALLY PUSH THOSE FLAPS IN
    they wil open the fuck back up if you dont
    don't worry about how short the rose is, just give those flaps a real good push. they will lock. you can do it

  20. Your folds are impossible to follow once you get to 6:50. Do they all overlap? one at a time? Let go with pinky? Hold each section closed with the pinky? No fucking clue… show each fold, especially the complicated ones in the middle from multiple angles.


  22. made it and it made my day. i was a bit nervous about locking folds since older comments were suggesting its difficulty. perhaps my previous practice of doing similar items helped me get it done

  23. People getting mad because they are not experienced enough. If you still struggle to make cranes then origami roses are not for you! Origami required patience and practice

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