68 thoughts on “Origami Instructions: Grizzly Bear (Quentin Trollip)

  1. Thank-You Sara for another Awesome and Amazing and also Brilliant ( Origami Video Tutorial )

    This is much and Greatly Appreciated.


  2. All the models looks so amazing! Complexity and aesthetic value goes hand in hand though, usually, unless it's like a abstract shape or something.

  3. I don't know any books good for intermediate level, but Jo Nakashima created some very cute and cool animals and stuff that I believe are intermediate! You could look him up here! The elephant, giraffe, owl, bride, and groom I believe are intermediate.

  4. Sorry for that, foil is indeed quite noisy. Working with kami wouldn't have been an option for this model, though, and when wet-folding you have to work quickly – which isn't really a good idea when you're trying to show how to do the folds. 😉

  5. Wish granted! I'll upload another video next weekend. Check happyfolding(dot)c o m for a picture of the model I'll be presenting: "Love with strings attached" by Francis Ow. 🙂

  6. This is really hard to say, because everyone has a different definition of what's intermediate level. Also, the book you choose heavily depends on what kind of folds you enjoy (e.g. modular, geometric, animals, objects, tessellations, flowers, etc). A book that has a nice mix, and which was actually the first book I bought myself is "Origami for the Connoisseur" by Kasahara and Takahama.

  7. Origami Essence is a good book for you it has many intermediate level models and also some harder ones when you're ready. You can get it on origami-shop. Also if you're getting it don't forget to buy foil, tant and kami of various sizes to make your models. Hope it helped 🙂

  8. I've just finished folding it. It's a really fun model: it's not to hard yet the shapping is chalenging. I modified the claws on the forelegs so that they look "more aggressive". Hopefully I'll try to make a video to show it off 🙂

  9. Once again awesome video tutorial 🙂 what happened to the giveaway? Where the winners announced already?

  10. hi Sara, excellent vid! Thanks for taking time off your PhD to film this … 1hr+! appreciate your work and passion for this. been looking for awesome 3D models to work on. thanks for the tip on books to get.

  11. I abosolutely love your videos. keep doing what you're doing now, and I will keep on following your instructions. they are as clear as glass

  12. sorry Sara, I cannot fold the mountain and valley fold in 11:38
    Can you make a clear video on that part? thank you
    FANS from Hong Kong

  13. Hi,Sara..
    I like your videos very much..
    I just want to know that which camera did you use for taking vids..
    And please write the cost of that camera..
    I want to buy that..
    Thats Why..
    And please check-out my channel sara..
    Its nice..
    And please tell Me something which I can do on my channel..
    Please Sara..

  14. When there is a step with making folds inside and outside about 12:28, what happend with thins fold which was already inside? because You didn't explain it or show it. And next folds You did out of the view and quicker.

  15. you could do a video diagram of the book "origami sequence" author Quentin Trollip?? The origami is called crucifix page 42. I wanted so much to make this origami, but I can not evolve in the diagrams. Friendly hug. PS: Excuse my English because I used the google translator to write this.

  16. I'm considering buying an origami book, maybe this one. What do you recommend for an advanced folder? I know I'm not the best at origami though.

  17. This was #myfirst video of yours.I did however folded a lot of your tutorials,but I am more into complex models.I remember I was so proud back then for succeeding in this,and it turned out great.Because this was time when I started origami not long ago,so finishing a model of this complexity was an achievement for me lol (today this is actually a simple model,comparing to what Im foldnig today) PS.From all the giveaway paper Id need just those Extra thin lol

  18. Hey Sara! Ich würde mich freuen wenn von diesem Video ein Remake machst, da man an manchen stellen nicht richtig sehen kann was man Falten muss…

  19. For a model that has lots of closed sinks u shouldnyt really use foil paper coz it reflects all the time… ANYWAYS i made it with 30cm paper which worked out fine, wasnt too hard. The closed sinks were actually FUN lol.

  20. I can't figure out what you do at 15:00, either the paper is out of view or your hands keep distracting! And you even fast forwarded some folds after that!!! Started out eagerly but totally stuck at this part:(

  21. hats off to you to have shown each step so clearly !!!
    i just folded a beautiful intricate model with chart paper (55*55 cm)
    a nice intermediate origami
    pls do upload similar origamis

  22. in the past I did request to make dollar bill elephant like origami artist KEN00MASTER. Again requesting to make the same.

  23. Fabulous model of the origami grizzly bear. Can you make more tutorials of origami models designed by quentin trollip in books like origami sequence or origami works of quentin trollip.

  24. Next tutorial can you make a tutorial of the origami blue and yellow macaw designed by quentin trollip next.

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