Origami-Instructions: Envelope

Origami-Instructions: Envelope

for the closable envelope fold diagonally, so the color side is outside we’ll divide the lower edge in 3 equal parts about here and there you could use a ruler and a pen but origami is without tools so I’ll lay it in a S shape, to divide it by 3 and make pinchmarks (your pen lines) fold the paper where the marks are so you get two flaps the bottom edges are align fold the top flap in half then squash fold it meaning that we spread the two layers and conect those two points and laten the shape for the lid, fold the model in half you can simply close the envelope like this and you’re done!

38 thoughts on “Origami-Instructions: Envelope

  1. Hey, thats a very good idea for presents, instead to buy an ordinary envelope. Thanks Tavin 🙂

  2. @arielleighwright dude, stfu, stop being a troll, and appreaciate that he took his time to do this just for us

  3. @arielleighwright -.- Seriously? Dude look at the german version at the top or the video (in the beginning) Hello? German's have an accent. I'm insulted

  4. Thanks Tavin. I used a small square and it made a very cute small envelope. The music on your video is also sweet. Thanks again.

  5. I am making a raffle so i needed an envelope for the message inside! This was so helpful! Thanks! I owe you a favour! (Its a saying don't believe it)

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