Origami Instructions: Bracelet or Ring (Ioana Stoian)

Origami Instructions: Bracelet or Ring (Ioana Stoian)

in this video I’m going to show you how to fold an origami bracelet designed by you an Estonian diagrams for this model are published in origami for all by you an Estonian if you want to know more about the book visit origami for allcom or read the review i wrote now in this video i’m first going to show you how to fold this wonderful bracelet or if you want a ring if you just use very small paper and then I’m going to show you how to vary the design to make it wider or narrower but let’s first talk about paper sizes so we’re going to start with a square sheet of paper so same side length on there and for a bracelet you want to have the diagonal of that square wrap around very usually around children so it has a good overlap here and that’s about the right size for me it’s about 20 centimeters or 8 inches and for a ring I used about 5 and 1/2 centimeters side lengths or two in the quarter of an inch now we’re going to start with the white side up and we’re going to crease both diagonals first this one try to be quite precise on this one because that’s going to make the central decoration of the bracelet extra beautiful and also this model works really well with paper that has the same color on both sides but if it’s white on one side you’re going to start with the white side up now for the model just as it’s shown in the book we’re going to take the top layer and bring the point to that folded edge and crease flip over and do the same thing on the other side then we’re going to open up the paper and take the folded edge let the paper flip open and bring it to the central crease rotate and repeat now we’re going to make the bracelet narrower and here we’re going to take the folded edge and bring it to the center but be sure to kind of leave a very slight gap here so that you can easily fold back this paper again so here you can see with ease I can fold that back and same thing on the other side there we go now we’re going to concentrate on this part to make the decoration for this we’re going to take one edge and bring it to the center but just crease up to this diagonal here which is the first diagonal we did and then we want to do the same thing on the other side but rather than doing that I actually prefer keeping this folded and then pushing the paper like that and then folding down the paper I think it makes it slightly easier to work quite precisely and then we’re also going to add a crease here and go to the other side add a crease rotate and repeat fold in one side doesn’t really matter which one and then flip the other part of the paper up to complete the rabbit ear fold there we go and again add a crease here flip it over to the other side and crease again now we have to make sure that these rabbit ears here are pointing in different directions and then we’re going to take this folded edge and bring it to the central crease here but not quite so this folded edge should not touch the crease so that after that you can easily fold the flap over so I’m folding this and I’m making sure that this folded edge now does not lie in any part on the crease so that it’s very easy to fold it over and then I’m going to do the same thing on the other side now we’re going to fold this flap over and that flap over and you just have to kind of let them move aside so for that I usually took the paper of it so that I can move it around there we go and then that’s done then I like to flatten this a little again it’s going to go slightly 3d which is nice but I don’t want it to be too 3d and now we just have to close the bracelet so for this I like to take another measurement how much overlap do I have let’s go like that I think it’ll be easier visible and I see okay I need some space so that can move in and out I’m going to go about this far it’s a nice reference point in this example actually and so you can try and push the paper in like this and sometimes it works really well it depends on the paper you have but if you have to push in a lot of overlap I sometimes find it quite difficult so what I like to do is I like to insert the paper on one side can you see here I’m inserting it right there until I’ve got exactly the reference I wanted now I can check is this okay yes I can easily move in and out and then I’m just going to bend this paper a bit take that layer that extra layer open it a bit and then push the paper inside and I find that much easier and then I can wear my bracelet now this bracelet is quite wide and I actually prefer a slightly narrower bracelet for the ring I really like these ratios but I figured I’d show you how I fold it an arrow or a bracelet so let’s very quickly walk through the first steps we’re folding a diagonal unfold chose the other diagonal and now and before we folded this tip to the top edge and that determines how wide or narrow this section is so if you actually want a wider bracelet then you can fold above and if you want a narrower a bracelet in this section right here then you’re going to fold in less so for this one I used 1/3 so I tried to kind of go about this far in so that this section is as as high as that one and then you just want it to be symmetrical so I just flip over the paper and then match that and then the next step is as before bring the folded edge to the central diagonal crease but now if you just fold in half way which would be the next step the bracelet will actually be wider in this section right here so what you can do is you can either fold in twice which makes it very narrow or I thought I’d go with thirds again so I’m going to fold it over like fold it in and then over again so for this I’m again going for about a third but I want to be quite sure that it’s a little less than a third so I’m folding this in so that this section is visibly smaller than that one because of the thickness of the paper and the layers we need a little space so that we can fold this in without adding a crease to this extra layer right here and then rotate and again fold in a little less than a third and then match that up with the crease line or you know not quite and there you go now you can see there is a square here and the initial design has just simple rabbit ears here which makes it really beautiful and elegant but you know play around and maybe do something different with that section because in the end it doesn’t really matter what you do there you can simply close the bracelet as before there you go and it’s going to work perfectly so just for comparison this is the bracelet with with the original proportions and this is the bracelet with the modified proportions and you can see there’s like this space that that’s the difference and you know you can of course make it even narrower or even wider but I think that’s the beauty of the design Yoanna presents a lot of designs in this book that are very simple and where a lot of the reference you can change to give the model your own feel and kind of customize it to what you really like so I like that this kind of inspires people maybe to not necessarily design their own models but at least vary the model and then maybe have the courage to do their own designs just you know kind of taking that leap of of creating not just recreating so I hope you like this video I really love this book maybe you want to take a look and happy folding and bye bye

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  1. hello, can you pleese make a video on how to make the praying mantis from the origami insects and their kin book by robert lang, i have be trying to make that for a long time and i cant understand the diagram, have you thought about making a new scorpion video from the same book?

  2. Hi Sara,do you know if Ioana or her parents are from Romania?Because her (full) name is so very Romanian! I really appreciate your work and thank you (especially but not only!) for the videos of those beautiful models from Roman Diaz and Quentin Trollip.

  3. Can you show us how to make a butterfly by Robert Lang from origami insects and thief kin or you can show us how to make a praying mantis

  4. Answers to the people how said "who dislikes this?": stupid people who don't have a life and criticize people for their own amusement.

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