Origami – How To Make An Origami Sakura Flower

Origami How To Origami Sakura Flower *start with colored side up Step 1: Fold paper in half and unfold Step 2: Turn over the paper Step 3: Fold top and bottom sides to meet at center line Step 4: Fold diagonally on the creased line and unfold Step 5: Repeat the same with lower tip Step 6: Open up both sides Step 7: Take point which is on the 1/4 of the paper and fold diagonally to other side Step 8: Fold to the right on the crease witch is in center of the romboid Step 8: At the same time fold top of paper down Step 9: Fold top side behind on the creased line Step 10: Fold corners on three sides to meet the center line Step 11: Fold whole model in half like on the picture Step 12: Take bottom right corner and fold it diagonally on the creased line Step 13: Now fold down the tip Step 14: Open up whole model Make 5 pieces Step 15: To connect open up the model like on the video and put whole triangle part inside Step 15: Just make sure that everything is in place and repeat with remaining parts THANK YOU FOR WATCHING

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