Origami – How To Make An Origami Gorilla

Origami – How To Make An Origami Gorilla

Origami How To Origami Gorilla Dimensions: 21x21cm or 8x8inch Step 1: Make a diagonal fold Step 2: Fold paper in half vertically and unfold it Step 3: Make creases like on picture and push the right and left edges up Step 4: Open up left and right flaps Step 4: Turn around the model Step 5: Narrow up the body and the arms by folding in half Step 6: Narrow up the lower part by folding it in behind Step 7: Cut lower part along the middle line Step 8: Form legs by doing 2 inside reverse folds on each flap Step 9: Double step fold on top part Step 10: Open up the top part by keeping the folded part intact Step 11: Make 2 step folds wich will later form the head of the gorilla Step 12: Fold whole part down Step 13: Fold in half that part and tuck in the top point Step 14: Pull down the arms Step 15: Double step fold to form elbows of gorilla Step 16: Fold inside the end of arms Step 17: Bend in half the end point to form gorilla hands Origami Gorilla FINISHED THANK YOU FOR WATCHING

21 thoughts on “Origami – How To Make An Origami Gorilla

  1. Great tutorial!! It really helps having the diagrams on screen. Thank you for your hard work. This is excellent! I love this model, too. :):)

  2. Great tutorial, however it's not really nice with dual sided paper. Your paper must have the same color on each side, then it will look great.

  3. So esa, no better school in orden to learn. Í got some bÑsics Already, And teaching books are much more ineficient

  4. That is very complicated! I'm only a beginner and just attempting to fold these models…I'll try with your tutorial, I'm sure, It will be very easy now, I also want to attempt King Tut on my channel, but I'm a bit scared:) The more I practice, the more I realize how much mathematics and geometry are involved!

    Thank you! Happy folding:)

  5. Origami is an art of Japan in which we can make any thing out of a paper by folding it . Nither cutting nor sticking it.

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