Origami – How To Make An Origami Gift Bag

Origami – How To Make An Origami Gift Bag

Origami How To Origami Bag Step 1: Divide paper into thirds both horizontally and vertically Step 2: Divide thirds in half but leave the center square untouched Step 3: Fold paper in half and unfold Step 4: Divide squares on the inside by half Step 5: Fold left and right side on first crease just like on diagram Step 6: Now divide squares in the middle by half This is center line You start this step on the line after that center line Step 7: Make diagonal creases that start on the second line after center Step 7: Make 4 creases like that on all sides Step 8: First fold left and right side on creased lines Step 8: Connect together top and bottom sides Step 9: Fold top part of the bag and unfold THANK YOU FOR WATCHING Step 10: Now tuck one part inside of the other to lock the bag

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  1. Here's a new video for bag. For those who have problem with making this model, please use the captions, follow diagrams on the left and pause after every step.

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