Origami – How To Make An Origami Cat

Origami – How To Make An Origami Cat

Origami How To Origami Cat (Richard Wang) Dimensions: 21×10.5cm or 8x4inch (half of square) Step 1: Fold paper in half Step 2: Fold paper in half on both sides and unfold Step 3: Fold left corner like on picture and unfold Step 4: Now fold left side until the creased line and unfold Step 5: Open up paper and fold it again but without left part Step 5: And now collapse that left part Step 6: Fold paper in half Step 6: Notice that crease on right side goes to bottom right corner Step 6: Repeat all on other side Step 7: Form the ears by folding ends like on picture Step 8: Fold the top line of the head behind Step 9: Form the chin by making creases that are aligned with outer layers Step 10: Fold tail in half and unfold Step 11: Pull the lower part of tail up while holding the body of cat Make sure theat everything is folded the right way Step 12: Roll the cat tail to give it a shape Origami Cat FINISHED NEXT WEEK: Camellia + Serving Dish THANK YOU FOR WATCHING

29 thoughts on “Origami – How To Make An Origami Cat

  1. Really cute cat, but not a good instructional video. Your hands are in the way too much, and at times you can't even see part of the cat to be able to work on it!

  2. Been trying this on other videos this one is the clearest one I have seen. Also I like the instructional diagram in the corner.

  3. Can't understand what the hell happens at step 11. I'm at the final step and the little triangle that opens up at the bottom isn't there because of step 11. I've retraced that like 3 times and still can't get it.
    That part of the instructions is not at all clear.

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