Origami – How To Make An Origami Book Cover

Origami – How To Make An Origami Book Cover

Origami How To Origami Book Cover With Page Marker And Pocket Dimensions: 42x29cm or 16.5×11.5inch (A3) Step 1: Fold one side diagonally Place the book upside down Step 2: Fold bottom side up around 2 cm Step 3: Fold right side and open up the triangle at top so you make a pocket Step 4: Put one side of book into that pocket Step 5: Fold down upper triangle along the line where the book is Step 6: Now make pocket for book on the left side Step 7: Tuck in one side of the book into pocket Step 8: Fold triangle in half Step 9: Now tuck in that triangle into pocket on the right Step 10: Fold down the sticking part Step 11: And use it as bookmarker Origami Book Cover Is FINISHED NEXT WEEK: Origami Rabbit THANK YOU FOR WATCHING

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