Origami – How To Make An Origami Bird (Parakeet)

Origami – How To Make An Origami Bird (Parakeet)

Origami How To Origami Bird (Parakeet) *start with white side up Step 1: Fold paper diagonally and unfold Step 2: Fold sides to meet the center line Step 3: Fold backwards the triangle at the top Step 4: Fold diagonally corners on top and unfold Step 5: Open up both sides by using a squash fold Step 6: Make a valley fold as shown to form feet Step 7: Fold whole model in half Step 8: Make a step fold like shown to form a tail Step 8: Pull out a tail a little bit and change an angle Step 9: Make an inside reverse fold to form birds head and beak THANK YOU FOR WATCHING

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  1. Here's a new video for bird (parakeet). For those who have problem with making this model, please use the captions, follow diagrams on the left and pause after every step.

  2. I'm subscribed to this channel and I haven't gotten any updates from your channel on YouTube in years. What's up with you? Do I have to leave this channel and get a new one?

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