Origami Hedgehog (Paulius Mielinis)

Origami Hedgehog (Paulius Mielinis)

Fold in half horizontally and vertically Divide into 4×4 Divide into 8×8 Divide into 16×16 Valley-fold the first segment Squash-fold Repeat on the other corners Valley-fold at the 5th line Squash-fold Repeat on the top and on the right side Pleat along the lines Fold each corner Accordion fold Make reverse folds lifting the edges Repeat Collapse along pre-creased lines Collapse the bottom the same way Open at the middle Unfold a little on the top Pull the edge up Flatten it making a new flap Mountain-fold Valley folds Close the model Pull each point Repeat Open the whole model Insert a finger inside the head Push the top Make a tiny crimp Shape the head Narrow and crimp the forelegs Fold the hind legs Finished hedgehog!

99 thoughts on “Origami Hedgehog (Paulius Mielinis)

  1. Hey Jo, I just have to say that I've used your videos for ages.It's crazy thinking that I could hardly make a crane, now I'm onto things like the Darkness Dragon!And, er, a hedgehog….Anyway, you, along Kade Chan and Tadashi Mori, are awesome. Keep making origami!

  2. This is my 100 th time I am doing it. Feels great and this is my first 3d origami. They are nice adorable pets.

  3. Great tutorial, thanks for the video. Looks really nice with your paper but with mine, perharps too thin, not really cool. I found it a bit difficult (especially the head/arms part) and sometimes a bit boring because repetitive, but anyway, this origami is cute.

  4. Valeu Jo Nakashima! Seus vídeos são ótimos. Qualidade muito superior aos outros tutoriais de origami que encontramos youtube. Os diagramas ali no cantinho são super convenientes, principalmente para mim que ter dificuldade em realizar as dobraduras somente com eles. Integrar ambos ajuda bastante no aprendizado.

    Obrigado pelos vídeos, continue a postá-los!

  5. I'm just speechless, like how amazing you are at origami. UR AWESOMENESS IS OVER 90000

  6. All I managed to make (using very wrong paper) resembled the hedgehogs I used to see in the middle of the road during childhood 😉 Will try one day with proper paper…

  7. É q um dos meus animais favoritos e o ouriço mano salve ouriço 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💣💥💗💖💝💞

  8. I really do not know what you all find so difficult at this, i mean i do origami since i've been 5 or 6 years old (now i'm 16) but i've done it and it looks beautiful i thank you Jo for that cute model ✌

  9. the head part right before you shape it was so confusing… a really nice looking design, though. Me: Rage quit as well after watng an hour of my own life lol. :)))))))))

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