Origami $ Heart-and-Arrow (Stephen Hecht)

Origami $ Heart-and-Arrow (Stephen Hecht)

(Longer rectangle – origami paper) 30cm x 12cm
(read more about paper sizes on video description) Fold in half and unfold Fold in half horizontally and unfold Fold top and bottom to the center and unfold Divide each part in half Fold at 45º and make a pinch Bring the center crease
to the pinch mark you just made Make a crease symmetrically
on the left side Fold this segment in half Repeat on the left side Fold this segment in half Make another crease at the same distance Repeat on the left side Mountain-fold the top and the bottom behind Mountain-fold Fold the top edge down while
squash-folding the top right corner Fold the edge down and pull out paper
from under the squash fold Fold to the right and squash-fold Fold to the left while flipping down the
top eighth and squash-folding Swing back Make a pleat on existing creases Fold the corner Unfold Pleat and sink on existing creases Unfold Repeat on the other side Fold this corner and unfold Reverse-fold Repeat on the other side Swing flap to the left on existing crease,
squash-folding the tiny diagonal Fold down on existing crease,
squash-folding on the diagonal as shown Fold the new flap to the right Closed-sink Open the top and reform the sink
made previously Repeat on the other side Reverse-fold Fold the flap to the left,
squash-folding the corner behind it Fold down while squash-folding Fold edge up, opening the triangular pocket Closed-sink Swing the flap to the right Fold down 2 edges Repeat on the other side Fold the hidden triangular flap upwards,
reverse-folding the left side Reverse-fold the middle triangular upwards Valley-fold it into the pocket Reverse-fold the top point down,
tucking the tip into the pocket One side has symmetric pleats The other side has the last layer inside the pleats. This one will be the arrow tail Reverse-fold Fold the corner to the left Rotate the triangle, making new diagonal folds Bring one layer to the front
(closed-sink on the process) Turn over and repeat Treat the double-thickness as one layer Fold the loose triangle into the pocket Reverse-fold Pull out paper and swivel down the front edge Swing the middle triangle down and behind,
dragging the upper triangle Tuck into the second pocket Tail finished
Let’s make the head Reverse-fold first 2 corners Fold 2 flaps to the left Pull out the corner Valley-fold Reverse-fold next 2 corners Fold both flaps to the left Pull out corner Bring the triangle to the front Tuck it into the pocket behind Squash-fold Repeat behind Now you have 3 tiny triangular flaps at the tip Wrap the top layer of the front triangle to its back Tuck the other points inside this layer Fold the point and unfold Closed-sink the tip Reverse-fold the corner inside
the little pocket Repeat on the other side Finished!

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  1. ainda bem que você postou esse vídeo! eu tava doido naquele diagrama (principalmente no passo 19). Domo arigatou!

  2. @alexh0629 it is possible to anyone use the automatic translator clicking on the button "cc", "Translate captions". But probably the result will not be so good because there are lots of origami terms (like "squash-fold", "closed sink", etc)

  3. well, i would like to translate it to Polish, but i don't know, how to make captions. would someone please explain it me?

  4. @azzakura1 Hi! There is a link to my english captions on the video description, all you need is copy and paste into any text editor (like notepad) and replace the text with another language. Then you can copy/paste it into a message on youtube and send me 🙂

  5. no top comments ok im gonna go and get my origami wishing well and when I come back this comment better be in the top comment

  6. @WitchtDoctorTr you can get my english captions (link on video description) and simply replace the texts to your language, then send me 🙂

  7. Jo, esse video ta caprichado, hein! Muito bom, quem tem um pouco de pratica nem precisa de instrucoes, eh so seguir o que vc faz e acompanhar os diagramas tbm… parabens viu! Well done! I love your videos! Thanks for sharing!

  8. @0407Block No, the width should be greater than 2 x height. So "short" rectantles like a square won't work. But don't worry about the exact proportions, just use any long rectangle

  9. nice tutorial as allways 😉
    could you maybe make a tutorial on Spiral Star designed by Tomoko Fuse if he gives u the permision?

  10. @TheEpicPaper A4 size don't. The width of the rectangle should be greater than 2x height. You can easily cut an A4 sheet to get a good rectangle

  11. Make it a hundred dollar bill give it to someone you like and you'll be out of the friend zone for sure.

  12. Finally worked up enough courage to try this and I got it first try following your video.. Thanks fam.. keeping my 1st and gonna make my girl one..

  13. Muy Mal,,, hay momentos en que no se distingue lo q está haciendo y hace que te pierdas, no hay nada como explicarlo directamente oral dislike

  14. I've been lost on this one for years! Thanks for the help! I will watch you a few more times then follow along with a bill.

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