Origami Giraffe (Jo Nakashima)

Origami Giraffe (Jo Nakashima)

Fold along the diagonal Unfold Turn over Fold in half making only a small crease Bring the top to the crease you just made Make another small crease Bring the bottom to the crease you just made Make another small crease Fold the top left corner to the crease Mountain-fold along the diagonal line Fold the bottom right corner Unfold Fold the edge to the crease Repeat on the left side Turn over Fold the bottom corner up
(Note the reference points) Turn over and unfold Valley-fold at angle bisector Repeat on the right side Fold in half while reverse-folding the bottom Fold the corner up and squash-fold Repeat on the other side Valley-fold the corner Reverse-fold Repeat on the other side Valley-fold Unfold Open-sink Repeat on the other side Valley-fold Unfold Open-sink Bring this layer down Valley-fold (no reference points) Unfold Open-sink Valley-fold Open Fold the flap up Fold and unfold along the angle bisectors Rabbit-ear fold Fold and unfold Fold and unfold Squash-fold Bring the point up Bring the point down and up Bring the flap back to the right Crimp-fold the hind legs Valley-fold to narrow this flap Repeat on the other side Valley-fold the front legs Crimp-fold the neck Reverse-fold Outside reverse-fold Crimp-fold the head Fold the excess paper and hide it under the head Reverse-fold the tail Reverse-fold the corner Repeat on the other side Narrow and shape the legs Giraffe finished!

100 thoughts on “Origami Giraffe (Jo Nakashima)

  1. jo nakashima steve could make known game called minecraft origami 
    please if you make me like it has all your videos =)

  2. So a) The lighting is so bright I can`t see the folds properly. The top right hand corner does not help
    And b) Why, in ALL origami tutorials, so they fold so fast and flip so quickly at the hardest folds? You take forever on the first two folds and then explode on everything else to the point I have to pause it ever fourth second.

  3. I suggest putting a difficulty level… It can be quite frustrating getting so far into it.. And not being able to do it…

  4. Hellow Jo, i very like all you tutorials. About next origami – nightingale, from cover of album Stereo MC (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3gy5hbaYXno). I try to find it, but i can't. May be you know how …

  5. Great Model, and yet Seth Friedman has a tutorial on a giraffe with a face :)

  6. I don't know much about origami and I ordered some 5.9in by 5.9in (150x150mm) paper before even reseraching :(, would it work with that? Really want to make one of these for my girlfriend since its her favorite animal. Thanks.

  7. Really like this demo but it is a little hard to see sometimes because of the white side of the paper against a white background.

  8. I spent half an hour trying to do this, and my only result was a pile of shredded paper and a migraine…

  9. I used giraffe print paper for this and it is very cute.
    You are my favorite origami designer. What makes them special are their simplicity. The dragons that require only low-intermediate skill are impressive. Someone need only master the bases to be successful with many of your designs.

  10. The giraffe in the beginning what kind of paper did u use? I'm new on this and I want to make this for a present. Hope u could answer me.

  11. OMG this video is so confusing you really need to add words in your video and I don't understand why there is a music in the background honestly I'm just gonna go straight out with you I hate your videos

  12. Uhhhhhh, you started with a square?? My giraffe was so uneven, and I feel like I missed a few things even with repeating steps (very helpful) and pausing at each one…

  13. thank you so much! I have tried to do it reading only illustrated instructions, and thank you that I finally get to finish it! @pa.ra.metric

  14. AMAZING ! I am just a stupid european without any passion, patience, that do NOT WANT TO Take any pains-taking… you must be proud of yourself!

  15. you have a great patience, and, who can live and ACT with so slow concentration, can easily meditate to get the soul enlightenment as Osho Rajneess instrucrions… good luck!

  16. you have a great patience, and, who can live and ACT with so slow concentration, can easily meditate to get the soul enlightenment as Osho Rajneess instrucrions… good luck!

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  18. It doesn't help that there's like, no measurements or marks AT FREAKING ALL and hand movements are very slow

  19. 7:50 So this part is absolutely stupid, even at 0.25 speed, I still have no idea what you did
    Also a bit bright.
    And no commentary.
    And your hand blocks the way.
    And the rest of it is impossible to figure out.
    This video is actually a nightmare.

  20. Hi Jo! just thought i'd let you know your old videos are still helping me out a lot; I'm making this as a gift. Thank you!

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