Origami Froebel Star (traditional) – Christmas

Origami Froebel Star (traditional) – Christmas

Fold all the strips in half Trim the corners Insert each strip within the next in each direction Fold the top strip down Fold the left strip to the right Fold the bottom right strip up Fold the top right strip left Insert the end under the other layer to lock the strips Mountain-fold the top right strip to the right Valley-fold Valley-fold Swing the point behind Insert the end through the red layer Repeat on the indicated strips on each side Turn over and repeat Fold each strip to the opposite side Valley-fold each strip Bring the end to the opposite side and insert it under the other layer Repeat on the other strips Turn over and repeat Fold each strip to the opposite side Valley-fold each strip Bring the end to the opposite side and insert it under the other layer Repeat on the other strips Cut off the ends of the strips Froebel Star finished!

83 thoughts on “Origami Froebel Star (traditional) – Christmas

  1. Jo, muito obrigado por fazer esses tutoriais, gosto muito do seu canal, e foi a partir dele que pude conhecer e amar tanto o origami, nunca pare de fazer vídeos e sempre te acompanharei. Você é de mais !!

  2. Ziyu Chan, it's general knowledge for a long time and the author is unknown (despite of its name, which came from Friedrich Fröbel)

  3. Hey John, since the ratio for 1.5 cm x 37.5 is 1 cm x 25 is it ok if I use 1 x 25 cm stripes? Thanks and keep up the good work!

  4. Hi, I honestly love your work! I'm only eleven and I just can't watch one of your videos without the urge of trying to make it myself! Most of your videos are quite simple but some are difficult, but I attempt them anyways! This is an amazing piece of art!

  5. Hi Jo! First of all for me are the God of origami! ♡
    I wanted to ask what paper do you use to make the froebel star and where can I get this origami paper? Very very thanks! 😀

  6. i honestly love your works its not very hard to make and it's beautiful i wish you make more origami you're the best Jo!

  7. Finally i made it! 😀 with your video, aww its soo preety. I tried lots of other video instuctions but other were hard to see what person did. Here is good contrast with background and 2 different colours, good camera angle, not too fast and not too slow. Thank you, ist great for Christmas

  8. Loved it but thought your cutting at the end of the video was aggressive and unnecessary. We would have appreciated a perfect fit. Thanks anyways!

  9. ok, so i can make the devil dragon v2, both your beetles and some other hard stuff u made, yet i got stuck on the step where you connect the 4 strips together.

  10. I've been making the Origami Christmas stars since I was a child. My brother and I would make them by the dozen, then sell them door to door to make money for Christmas. We added gold string or thread for hanging on the tree. As a finishing touch, we would dip the stars in melted paraffin (use a double boiler to prevent burning) and sprinkle them with glitter. Back then, we would mix and match colored paper, which enhances the woven effect. Now, I prefer to use white paper strips doused in different colors of glitter for a smashing effect. They sparkle on the tree. Instead of paraffin, you could use a spray adhesive. Dipped in paraffin, the stars hold up for many years. They make great hostess gifts at Christmas Parties!

  11. This is also a Moravian Star. Try turning the corner you are working on to the top right each time (as in give it a quarter turn before each folding sequence), it will make it a whole lot easier.

  12. I wanted to make the wreath, so I came to this video as the video of how to make the wreath said, but when I had finished wacthing the video, it said nothing about how to make the flat one that you used in the wreath video, so could you please help me.

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