Origami Folding Instructions : How to Make a Paper Napkin Flower

Origami Folding Instructions : How to Make a Paper Napkin Flower

So, you’re at the restaurant and you want
to impress your lady. So, I’m Robert Segundo and I’m going to teach you how to make a paper
rose. If we look down here, we can see I’ve just a regular napkin. What I’m going to do,
is I’m going to take it. I’m going to go ahead and I’m going to unfold it. Open it all the
way. Now, this one is kind of an odd shape. So, what I’m going to do is I’m going to kind
of fold down a little bit here at the top. This is going to be for the petals at the
top. And, what I like to do is fold it back up like so. Basically, we’re just going to
take this and roll this up like so. Kind of keep this open end here we’ll see with your
fingers. Just going to come down here below it. Just going to twist it up just a little
bit. Now, this flap here we’re going to kind of hold it out as well while we twist the
rest of it up. This is great when you’re out and you bought your lady that happy meal and
you really want to impress her with a little flower afterwards. So, just kind of twist
it up real good. Make sure to keep your top real good and you can kind of open this up
and shape it out. We need to twist it just a little bit tighter here. Al least, I need
to. Make sure it’s real good and tight. There you go. Alright. And, there it is. There’s
your paper flower, sure to impress. And, she’s going to be very happy and willing tonight.
My name is Robert Segundo and this is your paper flower.

7 thoughts on “Origami Folding Instructions : How to Make a Paper Napkin Flower

  1. you know a girl is just going to think thats really gay. Like, "omg you made a flower nakin good for u thats not gay at all" is what she is going tp say

  2. i really appreciate your effort and i think with a little work it could become very good.im a culinary major and we make paper flowers aaaall the time.the way i learned is much simpler and a lot neater looking.you completely unfold the napkin.on one long side make an inward fold about the width of two fingers,on the shorter side make an equal length or a slightly longer fold,lay two fingers on that fold but even with the longer one,grab the other side of the napkin(the end of the short

  3. continued* fold away from the longer one.fold it over the two fingers tightly until the whole napkin is a tube shape.pinch where the fold from the short side is(it should be inside btw)and from there twist VERY tightly.seriously make it as tight as you can.if you want a leaf then at whatever area you want it as you are twisting just kinda rip the area away from the stem.dont try to make it too long or you'll rip it off.the there should be a piece on the inside from the folding over the fingers,

  4. continued again* give it a little twist with the dirrection its going.AND YOURE DONE!!
    theres a bunch of things you can do with these.ive made a 12 long stemmed rose bouquet with a braided rope (also napkins)it turned out really cuteand i also use them as silverwear napkin ties,just swist it around ur finger and then put it around the wrapped silverwear and tie it!!but yeah…if anyone wants i can possibly make a video or a picture instruction vid…idk.message me if you do.i do other stuff

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