Origami flowers (flores de origami)

Origami flowers (flores de origami)

Me and my sister looking the sides
(not related to the video) In this video I´ll only show some origami
flowers, I won´t teach any new origami In this video I want to show you
some origami flowers I learnt this one the day
before yesterday It´s a modular with 5 sheets of paper I used a normal origami paper
to make this one It´s very easy to make this one, you can finish one in less than
30 minutes Well, the next flower I´d like to
show you is a classic, the iris flower in 5 minutes or even less you can make
one of those, it´s really easy to make it The next flower is the lotus flower We need 12 sheets of paper to make
this flower 8 red sheets and 4 green sheets
of paper I used the usual origami paper to make the
top part, and color plus to the green part but the ideal would be to use only color plus
with 75gr/m² to make the whole flower the next flower is also a modular
using 5 sheets of paper I made this with the usual origami paper It takes about half an hour to make the
flower because you have to glue each paper The next flower is this one, the kawasaki rose I took about 1 and half an hour
to make this one It´s actually a variation of the kawasaki
rose and I made using the cp. I used tissue foil to make this rose
but it´s not the ideal paper to make it. The best paper would be this one, but as I
didn´t have enought to make the rose I made with the tissue foil This is one type of washi paper This paper is not good for most of the origami,
but it fits well to make this rose. The next rose is this one The name of this rose is
“A Miura-ken beauty rose, opus 482” It´s a work from Robert J. Lang It´s really very very hard to make this rose
I took 5 hour to make this one but it´s a very beautiful rose. The artistic part is very hard, so you
can´t make it with normal paper In this one I used a paper called unryu,
it´s one kind of washi paper. I just glued it on a alumin foil The unryu paper has a low gr/m², so we
need to glue it on a alumin foil to use it I hope you likes these flowers, if you want
to learn any of them, just visit my website www.oritube.com.br Thanks for watching!

41 thoughts on “Origami flowers (flores de origami)

  1. Hm.. na verdade eu improviso o cabo, o Robert J. Lang, um dos melhores origamistas do mundo, faz com arame e enrola papel nele, fazendo as folhas tbm e tals…

    Eu costumo fazer com papel alumínio colado em papel de seda verde, depois soh dobrar em formato de leque e usar alguma das pontas pra formar a folha. No vídeo eu fiz isso.

  2. Hey,i was wondering if you could make a video on how to make the stem for the kawasakai rose you made, btw hope you make some orimgadio paper. :~)

  3. bwhaha xD i was like that too xD but you can turn on subtitles =O with the triangle button thingy in the lower righthand corner. and then click the button with the lines on the bottom. or something like that =3

  4. I Loved your accent; you might be from Sao Paulo , arent't you? I am from Brazil as well and I love Japonese culture, not to mention that my favorite hobby is origami. I have a collection of it.

  5. lindos lindos demais…não sabia que existiam tantas variações de papéis de origami…amo origami, principalmente flores…
    Será que um dia vc poderia ensinar a fazer sapatinho de bebe…acho lindo tbm…Obrigada

  6. oyes disculpa me gustaria saber si hay digrama para el ryujin de satoshi kamiya y eres muy bueno en esto he a mi me facina el origami ojala puedas ayudarme gracias y sigue asi

  7. Oyes Disculpa me gustaria sable heno si digrama párr El Ryujin de Satoshi Kamiya y Eres MUY BUENO en ESTO, cro k puedes ayudarme es que una mi me facina El origami ojala puedas ayudarme gracias y Sigue asi

  8. Nossa parabens, pelos seus trabalhos… sou apaixonada por origami e aos poucos estou aprendendo principalmente em questão dos papeis corretos.

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