Origami Flower. How to make a beautiful Paper Flower? Origami for Kids

Origami Flower. How to make a beautiful Paper Flower? Origami for Kids

Good afternoon! You are on the channel “Origami cat”. Here is a beautiful flower we will do today. This little flowers – seven little flowers. All its petals of different colors. This origami flower perfectly decorate the room. Prepare a paper of different colors. Take a square of 15×15 cm. Fold diagonally (from corner to corner). Lift the corners to the top of the triangle. You should have also. Bend the triangles to the lower sides of the square. Well removes creases on the paper. Raise the right triangle and open pocket. Do the same on the left. Bend the triangles to him. Tuck the edges of the paper, as I show in the video. Connect the right and left lower part. It will flower petal. Apply glue to the module. Connect the side of the module. Make the rest of the modules – the petals. If you are new to this channel, please subscribe. When the sign, next to the “Subscribed”, click on the bell. So Youtube timely inform you about the new video of origami. If you like the music and the background – put your finger up. Modules are ready to flower. On the edge, at the bottom of the fold, apply glue. Attach the second module. Hold for 1 minute so the glue has dried. Glue the remaining flower petals. Do not hurry, do carefully, so that the flower turned out beautiful. Glue the next petal, after the glue has dried. Apply petals exactly “seam”. Friends, write what you call your flower? Who gave it? Glue the last petal. I would be glad if you share this video in a social network. Origami flower is ready! And you get a beautiful flower made of paper? Thanks to everyone who watched the video until the end, Like who (thumb up) someone wrote me a message below, who shared a video with your friends. Thank you, waiting for you on the canal!
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