Origami Flexagon EASY (Moving Flexagon) IN ENGLISH – Yakomoga Easy Origami tutorial

Origami Flexagon EASY (Moving Flexagon) IN ENGLISH – Yakomoga Easy Origami tutorial

Hi guys! Today I will show you how to fold an Origami
Moving Flexagon This figure can be twisted end-lessly. To create it, do not use glue. For this model, we take A4 paper Fold in half Unfold. Fold the upper corners to the middle Return the paper… and fold the bottom side up. Return and Unfold. Turn the paper and cut right side. Fold in half up. Fold in half up each side. Unfold. Fold the left and right sides to the center Fold each part in half Unfold. I’ll draw lines on which to fold Draw lines in the same order Repeat steps I pushed the lines by pen that don’t writes See how it worked out Fold the paper along the lines Make a triangle of the band, like on video Fold each part in half Fold the edge inwards
Repeat the steps from the other side Fold the remaining edges inside Repeat the steps from the other side Flexagon is ready Friends, if you liked this video, please write
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100 thoughts on “Origami Flexagon EASY (Moving Flexagon) IN ENGLISH – Yakomoga Easy Origami tutorial

  1. This was the best text of lexicon video ever I’ve watched 20 and this is the only one I’ve ever succeeded on and it made me very happy thank you I hope you continue to make more videos 👋🏻

  2. I understood the first part but at 7:45 when he started folding it together I couldn’t really see what he was doing

  3. I spent the last hour of my life on this pice of crap origami!!!!!!!!😖👿👿👿👿👿😖👿😖👿😖👿😠😡😠😡😫😫😫😓😩😑😑😑😑😑😑

  4. this video is not good i try over 5 time and still did not get it hint hint SLOW DOWN NET TIME!!!!!!!!!

  5. Super easy just gotta take your time I didin t use a ruler tho mine came out so good I made 3 of them

  6. This video has a lot to improve on. First the person making the flexagon went way too fast and I couldn’t catch on and the person did a lot of confusing steps without explaining it. Just giving you the instructions. I tried so many times, but I still couldn’t do it so the person needs to make the steps simple so more peoples can make the flexagon. Overall, I am very disappointed.

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