51 thoughts on “ORIGAMI FLAPPING WINGED HEART v2 (Jo Nakashima)

  1. Hey there! Since it’s a heart and I’ll be folding it soon, I just wanted to tell you what you know already but it’s nice to be confirmed now and then. Your major quality is that you strike equilibrium. There is origami elite, there is origami for everybody (easy models all the time), and then there are people like you, who know how to give in a simple enough model the elite aspiration. It’s sort of magic, how you make me feel (me being a “middle-lane” thingy) special, although it’s just a copy. I’ll always be loyal because of that – one way or another. Thank you.

  2. See also the other version of wings!
    (instructions of both versions are the same until 12:15)

  3. Really, thx for your wonderfull origami !
    I had no idea for my Valentine… and wow !
    P.S : fold at 13:20 is pretty hard, maybe more explanation will be better

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