Origami Fish (Alexander Oliveros Avila)

Origami Fish (Alexander Oliveros Avila)

Fold and unfold along the diagonals Fold in half Unfold Fold in half vertically Unfold Fold the corners to the center Fold the corners to the center Unfold Fold the top edge down Valley-fold the top left corner Unfold Squash-fold Valley-fold Squash-fold Repeat on the right side. Valley-fold Unfold Squash-fold Valley-fold Squash-fold Valley-fold the flaps Fold the tip down Spread squash-fold Mountain-fold in half Fold and unfold the top Reverse fold Rabbit-ear fold Repeat on the other side Pleat-fold Repeat Sink Valley-fold the flap (no reference points) Turn over Valley-fold Valley-fold Valley-fold the tip Squash-fold creating a little flap Squash-fold to make the eye Repeat on the other side Shape the eyes Fish finished!

44 thoughts on “Origami Fish (Alexander Oliveros Avila)

  1. Thank you for the beautiful goldfish instructions! I am planning to apply for the Maker Faire with my Origami Fishing Game.
    I am working on some folds of my own fish also. I want to try scanning origami folds for a 3d printer, just to see how it would come out.
    Do you have a 3d printer available where you are? I have one available in a public library. I will include your fish and turtle in my game.
    I also bring the game other festivals including Come Out and Play and Figment. It has become very popular. I entered it into a papercrafts
    contest on instructables.com
    In Japan, a new 3d printer has been developed that generates folds to create the 3d object. I watch nhk world. Sometimes the topic of origami is discussed. They have cafes in Japan with 3d printers and crafting. I saw a show about a college origami club. I have attended Cal Origami, uc Betkeley's club. They use to put on the East Bay Origami Convention but have stopped.

  2. How do you do the top pleat fold without tearing the paper on the tail side? Seems like reversing the direction of the multiple layers next to that fragile corner can't help but rip the paper. I keep literally tearing my fish a new one!

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