Origami Fireworks (Yami Yamauchi) – remake

Origami Fireworks (Yami Yamauchi) – remake

Fold and unfold along the diagonals Fold and unfold each corner to the center Turn over Fold in half and unfold Fold the top edge to the center and unfold Fold the bottom edge to the center and unfold Fold the left edge to where the creases intersect and unfold Repeat on the right side Turn over Bring the sides and top down making a waterbomb base Bring the bottom up and squash-fold Repeat behind Fold along the existing crease and squash-fold Unfold Repeat on the right side Repeat behind One unit finished
Make 12 units Insert one unit into the other, matching the points indicated as 1 and 2 Make sure the point goes to the middle of the other unit Connect all the units the same way Reverse-fold the corners, except the first and last Repeat on the other side Fold the edge up between the units Repeat on the other side Connect the first and the last units Lock them together the same way we did with the other units Reinforce and adjust the folds if necessary Fireworks finished!

100 thoughts on “Origami Fireworks (Yami Yamauchi) – remake

  1. at one of the last steps my paper ripped. I trow that thing in my garden and lit it on fire. It burned nice. I'll try another time… that time is not today

  2. Tried this out recently. My first attempt I ended up tearing to pieces in frustration because I screwed up on a slight fold. The second one kept falling apart because the paper was weak. The third attempt was masterful tho. Its red and yellow just like this one.

  3. Это круто! Сделаю для своего маленького сына. Он будет долго ее крутить!

  4. hey Jo Nakashima, i saw al your videos and really like them, i'm a starting origami channel i already have 16 subs yey, i hope you can say in on of your upcoming videos : chek out this starting channel (Ako origami) and realy ,,,,, thx yk

  5. Great tutorial! My cousins loved it so I made 6 more by myself. Took many hours :-/ but I got better and a lot faster. Good instructions. Wasn't that hard to make.

  6. Folding the units and the initial assembly wasn't too hard, but connecting the two end units together is a nightmare.

  7. I bon't like it's not coming 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠👎👎👎👎👎👎👎don'try it please ……

  8. I'm of the Akira Yoshizowa-John Montroll 'school', but I do dabble in modular origami. This one looks rather nifty, and I must say, Mr. Nakashima, you have some deft fingers there, Sir. Nice video, clear and easy to understand. I shall give this Yamauchi piece a go. Thanks for making this.

  9. You are the only person who tells the viewer which side to start on. (Out of who I have seen). Thank you.

  10. im 13 and I took me 4.5 hours but I did it perfectly .exept for the connection at the end I had to use tape . so sad lol

  11. One of my first origamis i tried to make but i wasnt able to do it then, now 6 years later gonna try it again

  12. Super craft. I did the same. Wonderful papercraft. Hats off thank you for introducing the new idea of making papercraft.make different types.

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