Origami Fiery Dragon (Kade Chan)

Origami Fiery Dragon (Kade Chan)

30cm x 30cm Fold along the diagonals and unfold Bring the right corner to the center and make a pinch mark Fold the right corner to the pinch mark you just made Repeat on the left side Fold the top corner down Unfold Repeat on the bottom Make horizontal valley creases between the existing creases Bring the top to the indicated corner and fold Repeat to the right side Repeat on the bottom Fold the right side to the left corner Unfold Repeat on the left Unfold Fold in half
Crease only between the existing lines Repeat Fold the top corner down Reverse-fold Fold one flap to the left Fold and unfold Squash-fold Fold and unfold the corners Petal-fold Fold to the right Repeat on the left side Fold the corner to the left Fold and unfold Squash-fold Fold and unfold the corners Petal-fold Open a little and bring the point inside the model Fold to the right Repeat on the left side Use the existing creases and push the top, making it 3D Keep pushing the top and the sides until flatten the model Reverse-fold the points to the sides Fold the flap up on the existing crease Flatten the model Fold the edge down Valley-fold the corners Close it Valley-fold in half Fold this flap to the right Bring the corner to the indicated crease Adjust the paper behind the other point and flatten it Open a little Pull this layer Swivel-fold Repeat on the other side Make a rabbit ear fold Fold and unfold Outside reverse-fold Outside reverse-fold the tip Repeat on the other side Valley-fold Unfold Fold the near layer, lining up the edges Remake the previous fold at the same time Mountain-fold the corner Repeat on the other side Fold and unfold along the edge Fold from the bottom of the previous crease to the corner Reverse-fold Valley-fold horizontally Reverse-fold Divide the angle into 4 parts Reverse-fold up Reverse-fold down Reverse-fold up Repeat on the other side Fold the bottom up, narrowing the tail Squash-fold near the leg Fold the corner
Note the reference points Fold the wing to the right
Note the reference points Repeat on the other side Fold and unfold Open and reverse-fold Fold and unfold the triangular flap Open sink Repeat on the other side Fold the corners to the right Fold and unfold the top corner Reverse-fold Fold the corner down and unfold Fold at angle bisector and unfold Squash-fold Fold and unfold the corners Petal-fold Repeat on the other side Fold one layer down Valley-fold Fold the corners Fold the top behind Reverse-fold to open the mouth Reverse-fold again Reverse-fold the nose Narrow the neck Undo the last step Crimp the neck Narrow the neck again Reverse-fold the legs Reverse-fold the feet Crimp the tail Valley-fold the corner Squash-fold the eye Repeat on the other side Shape the horns Make pleats on the wings Shape the wings Fiery Dragon finished!

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  1. that's a really nice design, but i'll probably like it without the "over-the-top" tissue foil paper or whatever it's called. i made one with white paper. it's looks really cool though.

  2. ㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸㄸ

  3. Me: ugh I can't do it screw this
    Sis: mk…
    (1½ hrs later)
    Sis comes out of room with the origami dragon completed
    Me: T-T

  4. Gostoria muito desse papel pra mim fazer meu origamis.
    Os q eu compro sempre rasgam quando tento fazer um origami mais difícil de se fazer.
    Onde compro esse tipo de papel????
    Pfvr,Qual o nome dele tbm???

  5. I made this with 21cm*21cm (A4 paper), turned out really well, a tribute to Kade Chan for such a model and respect, gratitude and… everything to you, for teaching us how to fold this, really appreciate this, the clearest and easy-to-follow tutorial of the model, thanks!

  6. what kind of paper is that? how i can find it? if someone knows the name, please tell me :3 (i speak spanish, sorry for my bad english)

  7. I use copy paper and I am trying to make as many dragons as possible on you tube, form 13 min to over 5 hr vids, my life has turned into what?!?!

  8. instructions unclear. made a crazy dragon. ate everyone. currently typing in stomach of said dragon. 10/10

  9. Amazing! If you’re advanced in origami this shouldn’t take you much longer than the duration of the video. Excellent instructions and a fantastic pattern xx

  10. I was able to do it with 15×15 paper but it was not easy and doesn't look nearly as nice. (I cut corners in some places as well)

  11. I've been wanting to make this dragon for 7 years already, today I finally decided to follow the tutorial, and I did it! It's not as perfect as the one you made, but I'm beyond satisfied considering I used printer paper.

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