Origami Elf (Riki Saito)

Origami Elf (Riki Saito)

Cut the square in half Fold in half and unfold Fold the bottom corners Unfold Fold the top corners Turn over Fold the edges to the center crease Fold and unfold Fold and unfold Make a rabbit-ear fold Repeat on the right side Turn over Fold and unfold the corners
Note the reference points Fold the edges to the crease and unfold Fold the edge upwards while squash-folding at the sides Valley-fold the corners Fold in half Fold the point up to the crease Repeat on the other side Bring the flaps down Fold the top down to the crease Push the middle layer with your finger and shape the head Shape the top Shape the hands making little squash folds Shape the arms Shape the feet Elf finished!

98 thoughts on “Origami Elf (Riki Saito)

  1. I love your vids! Please say hi to me! It'll be a dream come true! Also check out my flickr!: www.flickr.com/photos/dipakcdas. Great tutorial!

  2. Another Fantastic Origami video tutorial ::Jo Nakashima:: 

    Will you please Accept my Request to make an Origami video tutorial for the convertible by Jason Ku.

    It would not only be Massively Appreciated by me but but all Fans and subscribers of yours.


  3. Yesterday I had a dream, I commented on your video and you actually said 'Hi' and started a conversation. Just have a crazy thing that my dream MIGHT COME TRUE.

  4. your are the best Jo Nakashima! I like origami this is my hobby and I am good at it! I like your origami rose design! I did it and it was very easy!

  5. why did you have to measure and use a knife to cut the paper, when u could just fold the paper in half and cut with scissors? :s

  6. Jo I know what u wanted to call these guys but I know u were trying to avoid copyright but anyway it's a really adorable design tho =3

  7. Taking your time,  pausing the video when necessary, ensures success…
    How absolutely charming in a group or on a xmas package…thanks

  8. So cool. Its a heaf right? Now we need the torso. Arms. And legs. And cool armour and cloaks.
    (This origami build= way too complicated for me)

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