Origami: Elephant

Origami: Elephant

For the Elephant we being with a birdbae if you know how to make one, click “Skip” . crease in half unfold, and fold in half the other way now we have a big cross turn the sheet fold diangonally both ways firt one , the the other after that… …bring those 4 points together the open part points towards our selves and fold edge on crease on both sides left and right and also on the back fold back the top triangle unfold both flaps and pull back the top layer we reverse thos to creases up there along the crease-lines we allready made same on the back open,pull back, flaten that is the birdbase open the base like this take the two flaps here and creaes them outwards the edge to this line open again in reverse that crease also here: oppen and reverse now it looks like a star turn over the star and fold in half the flaps the corner to the centre turn over again the corners to the middle and the sides to the middle-line fold those two points together this will be feet Attention: wenn this is on this side, what will be the ear later we fold the feet to this side, the feet to the ears this important so the elphant can stand stably fold the whole thing in the middle this is the head and that is the back now we take this length there and there we fold down those will be the other feet fold inside again (insidereverse-fold) we want the feet to have the same length so fold them as precise as possible open that,crease upwards, and fold this side inwards ,so we have a straight line so the feet look alike if you want fold this small part outwards to shape a tail for head and trunck we fold inside here
(inside reversefold) simply downwards you can make a precrease and afterwards the reversefold,but it doesn’t matter to make the trunk thinner, fold the edges to the middle shape the trunk as you like for example like this and that is the origami elephant

100 thoughts on “Origami: Elephant

  1. Did everything right and ended up with a funky arse looking elephant! Hard to understand and music distracting… No!!!!!!

  2. Ignore those telling you to slow down. I thought your Elephant was much cuter than some of the alternatives on YouTube and I managed to follow your instructions fine! I think people forget they can pause the video in order to catch up!

  3. That´s great way to make an elephant. I tried another times watching videos and I couldn´t. Congrats!, you´re good teaching how do elephants!

  4. U….. MAKE ……. LOOK….. PRETTY NICE !!!!!!!!!!,               BUT …… I …. MAKE…… LOOK……. PRETTY BAD 🙁

  5. very good.  A small suggestion.  Please do have some more lighting or the shadows of your hand hide some small details and also the overall clarity.  Thanks for the simple and great tutorial.

  6. I did it on the first try (without throwing it down in anger)! Love the music, it makes me feel like making this elephant is the most important thing I will ever do. Also, its hard to get frustrated with such a lovely accent talking. Nice tutorial!

  7. It was a good start, but please slow down(mostly in the making the feet part. Even pausing the video I couldn't keep up xp)

  8. Was easy to follow, best bit though was the tip on how to slow video down, will help on other origami videos that go waaay to fast

  9. Great video. A bit too fast the first time I tried it but when I did a few more I managed to keep up

  10. I couldn't figure out how to do the hind legs it just wouldn't work for me. Then the paper was too heavy in the front. But besides that I love the video. I was able to follow 'almost' every step.

  11. Maybe next time you could make to tutorial a little slower 🙃 other than that I'm so happy I made my first origami elephant👌🏻

  12. Definetly not for beginners, I was drunk while I did it and it came pretty well as a short tailed elephant and yes I hated the music!

  13. Thanks, took 10 minutes, not the prettiest looking guy, but good enough to look fun on top of my white elephant gift this x-mas.

  14. The steps are good.
    but you are going too fast. its not easy for beginners. AT ALL. Just slow down the pace a little bit

  15. I did this while I was half way asleep and it was super easy for me it seemed like this was meant for a five year old but fyi I love to make orgami thing to I make them everyday all day and I also have a farm to or at least I am working on it ps I love this design

  16. YEAH! I did it!
    Great music and good video, the only problem is the speed (I needed to slow down the video xD), but you can controlate it. I believe in you! ^_^

  17. It's really too fast. and you should remove your hands from the paper from time to time so we can see what if the result for now.

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