Fold and unfold along the diagonal Fold along the other diagonal Fold the corner up Open Fold the right and left sides Unfold Fold like a square base Bring the corner to the top and make a pinch mark Fold the top corner to the pinch mark you just made Unfold Fold the left and right sides Fold and unfold the top again Open Open-sink the top Fold the tip Unfold and mountain-fold Squash-fold the left flap Fold the left and right sides Unfold Petal-fold Fold one flap to the left Repeat on the right side
Squash-fold Fold the right and left sides Unfold Petal-fold Fold one flap to the right Mountain-fold Mountain-fold Valley-fold horizontally and bring the edge to the existing crease Squash-fold Repeat on the right side Undo the last steps Fold the left corner Unfold Fold the right corner Fold the bottom corner Fold the bottom edge to the corner Unfold Unfold Fold the corner up and down Fold the tip behind Open the top and bring the corner to the right Fold the corner to the left Repeat on the right side Swing the top behind Fold the left and right corners Reverse-fold Reverse-fold Open a layer on each side Bring the head back to the original position Fold the points to the sides Reverse-fold to narrow the tusks Turn over Fold along the existing creases like a waterbomb base Valley-fold Valley-fold Unfold Repeat on the other side Rabbit-ear fold Mountain-fold the corner
Tuck it into the pocket Repeat on the right side Fold the tips of the forelegs Unfold Open and reverse-fold the points Mountain-fold Mountain-fold Shape the trunk Elephant finished!

72 thoughts on “ORIGAMI ELEPHANT (Jo Nakashima)

  1. +Jo Nakashima – Tutoriais de Origami O 65º "gostei" , Jo ! A propósito , Jo , você tem notícias do Tadashi Mori ? Ele está há muitos meses sem postar vídeos .

  2. Could you show us how you come up with your designs? Do you just keep folding it til it looks like something or what

  3. Just finished folding my second one : such a brilliant, neat, easy and elegant model ! So "logical" that after two, I already remember it fully : it's a very, very clever model (I specially like the back lock !). And I love your design style. Just a suggestion for newcomers to it : don't make the front legs too short : leave just a very little bit more length than theorically : the finished model will stand in a much better position, with head up (specially – but not only – with thick paper)… 🙂

  4. Good afternoon, dear Jo Nakashima. I really liked your origami elephant. Can I replicate your model elephant on my channel? I will show your authorship and a link to your channel or video.

  5. Hey Jo Nakashima, love ur vids can u please make another give-away video where u give away some paper or origami model away, and also can u do a video on how to make the origami Phoenix

  6. Thank you I have made most of ur models but I can't fold ur origami beetle and some of ur action origami, any tips on how to fold them better would be great

  7. Going to try this, a little mouse, a little strawberry, and about a dozen of Francis Ow star bowls with LED lights: Diwali display. Just gotta finesse the trunk so it swooshes to the left.

  8. Jo Nakashima es el mejor origamista 🎶🎈🎈🎶🎶🎈el pequeño elefante es precioso ya lo hice y saque aplausos jajajaja gracias Jo

  9. Can u start explain what you are doing because u just do stuff and don't explain that picture in the top right corner isn't good enough

  10. I had done the same Origami foldings by following the video of Jo Nakashima. It has come perfectly well. I posted in my face book, with added painting on the head of the elephant as Lord Sri Ganesh, always worshipping by Indian devotees. Every one appreciated Mr. Jo nakashima work. hats off to him. Wishing him for his best work.
    I am one of the close follower of Mr. Jo Nakashima. Best of Luck
    D. Nagh

  11. Please make origami elephant by sipho mabona hope you can do that but anyway your elephant was pretty cute😄😄😄

  12. I love this! Of course, when I did it, my version isn't exactly as perfect as yours, but I still love this!

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