Origami Elephant. (Instructions) (Full HD)

Origami Elephant. (Instructions) (Full HD)

First fold the paper diagonally Now fold the two outer corners of the triangle together unfold separate the two layers reavealing a pocket flatten the pocket using your two hands do the same on the other side Fold the outer edge against the middle line do the same with the other raimaining flap fold the top down unfold lift the top layer up squash fold along the premade folds do the same on the other side fold the little triangle in half fold the flap against the middle line unfold squash-fold the flap do the same with the other flap fold the flap in half do the same with the other flap fold the outer points of the flap you just folded to the middle of that flap fold it in half do the same on the other side fold the entire model in half fold the trunk reverse-fold the trunk fold the edges of the trunk against the middle line to make it narrower fold it in half fold and reverse-fold the trunk like you prefer fold the back-flapdown parallel with the other two legs reverse-fold the back leg fold the end of the flap up untill the leg is short enough fold the edges of the leg to the middle so that it becomes a little bit narrower pull out a little part of the back leg to make the tail Thanks For Watching!

30 thoughts on “Origami Elephant. (Instructions) (Full HD)

  1. this vid seems really good except for some strange reason it keeps on stopping the vid at 3min and45sec showing the loading sign but not actually loading.:( can u pls help me?

  2. Hi thanks for this tutorial! I just have one question that I hope someone can take their time to answer. Which way will the patterned side of my origami paper be when starting this?

  3. Wait what happens if u have paper that is half color and half white what side do I start with to get the color

  4. El video transcurre normal hasta que hacia el final el manejo del modelo queda fuera del encuadre. ¡muy mal ese final! No obstante, gracias por el tutorial.

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