Fold and unfold along the diagonals Fold the corner to the center Make only a small crease Bring the bottom corner to the crease you just made Make another small crease Fold the top corner to the crease you just made Turn over Fold the right and left sides Unfold Fold like a square base Bring the corner to the top and make a pinch mark Fold the top corner to the pinch mark you just made Unfold Fold the left and right sides Fold and unfold the top again Open Open-sink the top Fold the tip Unfold and mountain-fold Squash-fold the left flap Fold the left and right sides Unfold Petal-fold Fold one flap to the left Repeat on the right side
Squash-fold Fold the right and left sides Unfold Petal-fold Fold one flap to the right Mountain-fold Mountain-fold Valley-fold horizontally and bring the edge to the existing crease Repeat on the right side Fold the left corner Unfold Fold the right corner Unfold Open the top and bring the corner to the right Fold the corner to the left Repeat on the right side Swing the top behind Fold the left and right corners Fold the left and right corners Unfold Reverse-fold Reverse-fold Mountain-fold Fold the point down Unfold Crimp-fold Valley-fold
(note that it is the second horizontal line) Turn over Swivel-fold Repeat on the right side Turn over Fold the tips of the forelegs Fold the left and right sides Fold the points to the sides Reverse-fold to narrow the tusks Elephant bookmark finished!

100 thoughts on “ORIGAMI ELEPHANT BOOKMARK (Jo Nakashima)

  1. Love your style of origami, and I have been wondering if you could do a tutorial on an origami wolf… I can't seem to find any good instructions/diagrams for one that is aesthetically pleasing, but I love the way your creations turn out!

  2. Love your tutorials, clear easy to follow instructions, yet well made models 😀
    More bookmarks please? Love the cat and the elephant 😀

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  4. Good! I allready vey much liked the Neko bookmark.

    Now what about translation! How does it work (I am not speaking about the technical part, which I did see).
    Ready to help for this.

  5. I don't get what's happening, it's hard to understand some parts. I'm not able to do it that it make me very frustrated.

  6. great design! I love your creativity, and the fact that we can see the written instructions, diagram instructions, and you doing it! This makes it really clear on what we must do, and it makes it a lot easier! Thanks!

    Gran diseño! Me encanta tu creatividad, y el hecho de que podemos ver las instrucciones escritas, diagrama instrucciones, y que lo hace! Esto lo hace realmente claro en lo que debemos hacer, y lo hace mucho más fácil! ¡Gracias!

  7. hey, just want to ask if you know how to make the Elephant which showed on begin of this video:

    If you do, can you make a vidoe of how to?
    Big THANKS =)

  8. Just made it as a gift for my mum. Thank you so much, your tutorials are very well made and easy to follow! And I absolutely love all your origami!

  9. I cannot get the tail right 🙁 So many tries and it still eludes me. It looks so simple to do with the folds collapsing but I keep end up with a mess trying to force it into shape. Otherwise its a beautiful model and lots of friends are asking me to make them one. Only 2 successes so far out of about 20 attempts.

  10. I've already done it and I'm fine now I have something to keep from losing the pages of my incredible books tutorials by the way

  11. I just discovered your YouTube channel and decided to give origami a try. My elephant bookmark didn't end up as great as yours but your video was very clear and easy to follow. Thanks a lot!

  12. Elephant bookmark love! The folding was a bit of a thriller at some points and I thought I would rip up the paper! But it is so exceptionally beautiful and so rewarding to hold the finished bookmark! I love elephants, I love origami and I love your tutorials! Thank you so much, I am so happy after folding this and I want to try it with better paper! ^___________^b <3 <3 <3

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