Origami easy T-Rex

Origami easy T-Rex

For this simple origami T-Rex we need a quadratic sheet of paper and scissors. First of all we fold the paper in half so the color is outside that we want our T-Rex to be. Unfold and fold it in half in the other direation as well. fold edge to edge and corner to corner Unfold again, turn over the paper and fold in both diagonals. fold so it shows the white side (other side of the paper) unfold and fold the second diagonal, again with the white side showing unfold now fold in half again like in the first step and push the paper together. turn the paper so the open part point to yourself you now have a smaller sqaure with 2 flaps on each side. take one of the flaps and fold it to the middle. do the same on with the flap on the oppsing side. make sure to alingn the edge of the paper with the crease now fold the small triange behind. unfold everything fold the diagonal again make a smal cut along the diagonal up to the crease the refold like you did before push the paper togehter agian to the small sqaure with 4 flaps fold the 2 flaps to the middle again and the traingle back open the flaps again lift up the top layer of the paper pull the tip up and refold along the creases I’ll repeat this step slower in a bit turn the model over and repeat turn the triagnle upwards fold the remaining two flaps to the middle, like before unfold and lift the top layer refold the creases in the tip backwards this is how the paper looks after the step fold the big flap over fold the other big flap behind you now have 2 small flaps here and 4 big flaps there turn the top big flap over agin , where it was fold the model in half seperate the 3 big flaps fold one of the flaps at an angle to create the lag of the t-rex fold the other flap at the same angle the next step is called an inside-reverse-fold unfold the leg open the flap refold those folds so both folds are little valleys then close the flaps again this is how the paper has moved now during the insiede-reverse fold turn over and repeat with the other flap (leg of the t-rex) open the flap refold the one fold to be a valley (valley-fold) the close the flap fold the flaps again to make knees for the t-rex do 2 insidve reverse fold again open flap, refold and close open refold that crease then close another method to do an inside reverfold is to hold the paper like this and push the flap in with one finger for the feet of the t-rex we will do the inseidereverse fold with the 2. method pinch the paper, the push it into position pinch then push again fold thebig flap (head) in half then fold it so the point is at the knees fold along this line then reverse the fold hide the paper inside the t-rex turn the model repeat on the other side take the small flaps and fold them outside this will be the arms of the t-rex fold the small tips inside fold the tip of the head in half hide the tip inside the head make the crease stronger the next step is called a crimp-fold pinch the paper like this then push it together to make the head one more crimp for the tail of the origami t-rex pinch the paper and push it together to form an angle then close the flap (tail) congratulation you finished your origmai t-rex! it can stand like this and this is what it looks like

14 thoughts on “Origami easy T-Rex

  1. I love how simple it is but you can still tell immediately that it's a dinosaur. It's also very cute. Thank you for the video!

  2. This one was really hard to follow. Some rotation are important but it's not clear, when i got to 2:08 i saw i had cut the wrong way, and need to cut the correct sides. Apparently it didnt screw up with the end design, but overall i had to pause and repeat a lot of steps, and i do mean a lot, like turning the 9 min tutorial easily into an hour. Also ended up with slight angle differences, especially in the hands, which makes the t-rex harder to recognize.

    For beginners, i'm guessing a lot more details are required.

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