ORIGAMI EASY: Slinky Spring Rainbow – Yakomoga Easy Origami

ORIGAMI EASY: Slinky Spring Rainbow – Yakomoga Easy Origami

Hi guys! Today I will show you how to fold an origami
rainbow spring I think this is a great anti-stress toy For this model I recommend taking bands with
rainbow colors sizes 3.5 x 21 centimeters Divide the bands into two columns. Change the color, as shown in the video We take the first stripes from different columns and glue
them together. Start to weave the spring Apply glue on the ends and glue strips with the same columns We continue the weaving Now glue the yellow band to orange, and orange
to red Glue the green band to yellow and yellow to
orange Finish the model Friends, please help my channel. If you liked this video, please write about
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  3. At first I though we need only 9 strips, later realised it was 9 strips x 2 because of two columns, later realised each strip we need 3 times……so total 54 strips

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